Week in Pop: Acting Strange, Baseball Gregg, Juliana LaChance

Sjimon Gompers

Why Baseball Gregg are rapidly becoming the world's most talented multinational pop duo, with Luca Lovisetto & Sam Regan (from left) living it up in Liguria, Italy; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Exploding Eyes

Dublin, Ireland's Exploding Eyes; press photo courtesy of the band.

Dublin, Ireland’s Exploding Eyes; press photo courtesy of the band.

From the other international rock capital known as Dublin, Ireland; we would like to introduce you to Exploding Eyes who present the following premiere listen to their self-titled debut album from Big Neck Records. Produced by the masterful Jim Diamond of cult rock pop fame, the irish group kicks it as if the twenty-first century never happened & rock remained primordial & primitive. The recalled audio fragrances from classic freak beat progenitors, Northern Soul obsessives, dive bar hero sounds with some pub rock fashion & flair all combine & collide together in one barely containable cocktail designed to be played at maximum volume.

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Exploding Eyes’ self-titled charges through with bursts of war-hammering guitars that ring through what sounds like an entire amplifier collection of Marshall stacks—stacked stories high on top of one another. “We Need Love” is the ultimate 60s-psych underground trip your father’s favorites never coughed up. Journeying ahead forward to some kinda forgotten promise land, “Something Critical” prioritizes items of mandated attention, while “Fear” brings in sentiments of a psychedelic like onset (without getting too hippy-dippy) that bursts into into own interstellar overdrive. Exploding Eyes keep serving up the guitar licks on the lusty desires of “Need Somebody” that sounds like a power ballad ripped from the 70s. “Levitate” finds the group shifting gears to emotive terrain, right before the group brings out the big monolithic menace of “I Panic” that sets you on surrealistic freak-out freeway, to knocking on heaven’s door by limbo-ing about on the life/death continuum on the vintage raging rollers “Play Dead” & “Hello Mr. Jesus”. The group keeps that throwback thread-work stitching on the passionate “Madman’s Lament”, that builds to the big closing blast-off event of “Its Alright” that will keep you satisfied, while awaiting & a-wondering what Exploding Eyes will envision next.

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