Week in Pop: Acting Strange, Baseball Gregg, Juliana LaChance

Sjimon Gompers

Why Baseball Gregg are rapidly becoming the world's most talented multinational pop duo, with Luca Lovisetto & Sam Regan (from left) living it up in Liguria, Italy; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Juliana LaChance

The cover of Juliana LaChance's Thunder Dragon album.

The cover of Juliana LaChance’s Thunder Dragon album.

Meet Hamilton, Ontario’s rising DIY star, & folk art weaver of various mediums—Juliana LaChance who gives us a privy look & listen into her natural enchanted nu-folk world with the world premiere of the video for “Game Warden” off her album Thunder Dragon. Armed with a harp-like instrument called a bandura, Juliana’s assemblage of vocals & strings guide you into new worlds of fascination & nature sprung beauty both real & imagined. Shot in downtown Hamilton, ON; Juliana questions authority with a gleeful civil disobedience as her & friends capture impromptu parties on random properties where exotic landmarks & environments make for a journey that will enrapture all pangs of escapism & benign rebellion.

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Inspired by real life encounters with real game wardens, Juliana LaChance’s video for “Game Warden” finds the artist flocking to various fancy porches, gardens & foyers as location spots for her visual accompaniment. LaChance & company take on the ethereal roles as nature dwelling spiritual that look over the rangers & authority that look out for the forests, mountains & valleys that are preserved in their own organic state. A holistic approach to protesting the forces of humankind that act as if they are lords over the surrounding lands; Juliana LaChance snubs the conventions of contrived impositions upon habitats of the wild & wondrous as painted in the parting harp struck cavalcade of chords, “do what you want, those are the rules, follow the stars, the suns & the moons, because no one really knows, no one really knows…but we are the game wardens of the game wardens…”

“Game Warden” is a song about questioning authority and asking yourself who is really in charge? In the end, we are the only authorities of ourselves and we can develop our own meanings and not look to others for our own truth. No one really knows what’s going on in our world presently, so in the end we should only listen to our hearts and do what we want.


The song was written after my friends and I got busted by the Game Warden in a provincial park in Northern Ontario, Canada. The accompanying video was shot in downtown Hamilton, ON Canada on no budget and consists of breaking into apartment building foyers and making them our own playground.

Juliana LaChance’s album Thunder Dragon is available now.

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