Week in Pop: Blackhouse, Jabee, U.S. Girls

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We welcome you to the weekly celebration of music mania, no laminants, RSVP's or wrist bands required. While all of our attention and focuses have been consumed by CMJ day parties as the Imposition marches forth for our Saturday night showdown, here are a few caveats you may have overlooked. In other news we just heard that massive A$AP Rocky jammer featuring Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick LamarF*ckin' Problem“, learned that Black Lips will release a live disc via Jack White's Third Man Records, and The Rolling Stones anounced that they will probably tour indefinitely. Moving forward, let us listen, see and hear with our minds and inner eyes what we adored this week in no particular order.

Nevermind the phonk of Space Ghost Purp, we got Georgia Anne Muldrow with DJ Romes as Blackhouse, a duo of fOnked up proportions. Glancing a listen from “fOnkie Journey” ….Taking the fine tuned ear of a DJ with an ear for classic groove and emcee, singer, producer who has been pushing the conversation beyond and forward on constructs of genre while repping down home values. These here are instrumentals as new as they could be old tracking tapes from lost 80s soul demos lost somewhere in the neon lights of time. Download the single “fOnkie Journey” and get the whole album now from your friends at the Mello Music Group. The above photo is courtesy of Haberuvi.

Jabee releases the Video Hero made visuals for his track “Decency” that dropped a few months back. The emcee begins with an interview soundbite on his feelings on the past 5 years lacking a “true voice” that reflects the stresses of the new era with as he airs grievances and requests civility like, “I'm sick of rappers rappin' about nothin', a little decency; a little substance.” All we can say, is well played and well put sir.

Also get a listen to Jabee's new cut “Stephanie” featuring Carlitta Durand and production coming in hot by the one and only El-P. Look for this in 7″ form in November.

U.S. Girls frontwoman Meg Remy presents her self-made video for “North on 45” off the object of adoration album, GEM. More than a dear in headlights, the conceptual “running from/running to” dichotomy of the video shows Lulu Hazel Turnbull in pursuit of something, someone or that someone, or something perhaps pursuing her in the girl-robe-camera-car-lights simplicity. Special thanks to Ross Turnbull for editing in according to the song's late night AM cadence. Following up the video for “Jack“, furthering the musical allure is the production work from Slim Twig who works with Remy not just to create authentic '1972 in 2012' glam pop, but they co-run the indie label Calico Corp together. The new U.S. Girls album GEM comes out October 23 from Fat Cat Records and listen to more from Slim off their imprint, Calico.

Speaking of Slim Twig, Calico Corp, and his prowess at the musical production helm; look for the release of Slim's solo album A Hound at the Hem being released by Calico in joint with the Toronto indie, Pleasence Records November 6. Earlier this week we spoke of the Slim's mastery of production that works with the modern constructs of Nabokov, Gainsbourg's Melody Nelson era, and the arrangements of Jean-Claude Vannier and takes them to places that perplexes both the musical theorem thumping academics and progidies alike. Slim Twig's A Hound at the Hem comes out November 6 from Calico Corp and Pleasence Records and is not to be missed.

Woodsman delivered the B-side off their “All Tangled Up” single with “Sonic Tomb” that will tangle up your dome piece and is out now on digital/cassette from Lefse Records.

Chaz Bundick has been getting us off our lazy duffs and dancing with Les Sins and is continuing the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink ethic of his primary band, Toro y Moi. He delivered a listen to the latest single “So Many Details”. We have become used to today's best musicians composing original freeform manifestos of recent memory from the likes of Pictureplane and GANGI, and Toro does this via the density and the many particular parts and many specific details for you to hear and discern for yourself. Chaz's new So Many Details 7″comes out November 23 Carpark Records.

FAUNA released the video for “White Cro55” featuring all the free-floating weird adventures of one gorrila's psychotropic odyssey/survey of earth specimens and everything out of this world. FAUNA's debut D(R)ONE comes out Ocober 31 from Moun10.

We also have Sun Glitters' remix of FAUNA's “1985” here as part of your weekend electro-therapy.

Michael Zapruder collaborated with some 23 poets for the just released album Pink Thunder and shared the single “Florida”, inspired by a poem from Travis Nichols with video direction of collaged cutous by Jesse Yules.

King Dude's LP Burning Daylight is out now from Dais and we present you a limited time stream to sing along with your recent favorites like “Jesus in the Courtyard”, the gripping “Holy Land” and more.

Alexander Ridha of Boys Noize is back with a bad new third record Out of the Black and they just dropped the fun with computer-keyboard-keys video for “Ich R U”, directed by Patrick Jean & Sebastien Loghman. Check local listings for the Out Of The Black American Tour that starts November 23 from Fort Lauderdale and forward.

Clothing rockers Rocksmith Tokyo and the always fashionable Karmaloop proudly present Freeway's Freedom of Speech mixtape hosted by Don Cannon, available now from Karmaloop.

Kuhrye-oo's Give In (For The Fame) Remixes is out now from UNO NYC with reworkings from Dj Sliink, d'Eon, & Ryan Hemsworth. Today we give you Boody & Le1f's remix of “Give In (For the Fame)” who mess things up in electro revisionist abstractions to wet your whistle before catching Le1f at the 2012 CMJ Imposition this Saturday.

ESP dropped the sunny vibed beats put to inflatable promotionals shown in the video for “627” off the dublab Light From Los Angeles comp out October 23.

More from the Light from Los Angeles compilation as you get an analogue eye view into the street-trees-hustle of based LA bass life from Ras G's visuals for “Bus Ride” with some film direction assistance from Ariana Natale.

Matmos released The Ganzfeld EP this week through Thrill Jockey Records and we present the l.inc design video for “Very Large Green Triangles”. While the Bay Area duo brings their own brand of electro-geek-chic to the table, get ready to start seeing more green triangles appearing everywhere after you watch this.

Our hero Hunx has anounced his upcoming tv show Hollywood Nailz, an eccentric blend of random products, lots of appearances, characters, costumes, tans, reels, spray tans, songs, and much more. Who do you know that could not use one of those dipping sauce trays for your car, home or just on the go?

But that's not at all, Hunx has also anounced earlier this month the debut of his dance oriented project H.U.N.X. and dropped the vampirical visuals for that sex-centric sizzle in this self-made video with Brande Bytheway for “I Vant to Suck your C**k” that helps kick off Seth Bogart's own imprint, Wacky Wacko.

More in the trailer department as we present Eskmo's 30 second frost on the window video teaser made by Elliot Sellers for the Language EP coming out October 30 on Ancestor.

We discovered Liphemra's self-directed video for “Young” that carries over the lessons and memories of youth spun into a cinematic noir thriller vignette wrapped in silk. Here the world of torn pages, fears, shiners, and black makeup streamed tears are juxtaposed with bed jumping jubilance and the endless realms created by forts made beneath the thin sheets of safety from the night and parental guidance. We await Liphemra's upcoming single “So Beautiful”, which promises a bouquet of cinematic horns, stampeding drums, fog machine background ambiance within a suite of testaments, electronic impressionism with lyrical deliberations of internal truth struggles running free in the night and running true.

Also listen to Computer Jay's video arcade orchestrated remix of “Young”, and for a limited time listen to the following stream of Liphrema's Radiohead cover, “How to Disappear Completely” recorded entirely via Garageband. LA songstress Liv Marsico creates a sparse, electric guitar-lonesome-echo that takes the pop songbook to those ethereal places untreaded by Thom Yorke and cohorts long before or after Kid A. The guitar and vocal minimalism roll at a tumbleweed's rhythm with a resonance fit to comfort the canyons that must make the late great, Lee Hazlewood smile down from above.

PVT dropped the intense “you want me I'm yours” keyboard dusk driver “Nightfall” from their fourth album Homosapien that will see release October 22 and 23 from Felte. Look for PVT on tour now through the end of the year worldwide.

Get droning with Boyd Rice, aka NON with “Turn Me on Dead Man” off of his forthcoming new album, Back To Mono coming November 6 from Mute. Hear what folks every are turning on to now while donning your best Phil Spector shades as you get back to mono.

We got the Gucci Mane mixtape Trap God for your weekend Listen or download over at the launch of World Star Tapes. And with some 20 tracks coming at you, get ready, and somebody for the love of Jah yell out a healthy, 'Brick Squad' cause featured on this tape are Waka Flocka Flame, Birdman, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, T-Pain, and Future with Zaytoven, Lex Luger, Drumma Boy, 808mafia, Mike Will Made It and other guests.

After catching Wild Belle at the Treasure Island Music Festival, we bring you their video for “Backslider” shot by the band's younger brother, Bennet Bergman. Look for more of their electric organ skanks and reggae nods on the upcoming album Isles available 2013.

La Sera releases the Cassandra Lee Hamilton directed video for “Break My Heart”, where Katy Goodman finds herself being attacked by her own tapes, dresses, posters, records and more. See the light with the latest La Sera album Sees The Light out now from Hardly Art.

Jack Davey released her L0-F! project's first EP Side A a few weeks back and now gives us the Hells Angels ride along video for “Ride On” made by her producer boy, Joey Strat of the Knux. Get ready for a collage of rebels, hell raisers, outlaws and everything mama warned you about.

Glasgow's Olympic Swimmers give us their video for the dream steam “Knots”off their album Flags Will Fly, out now from the band's own self-released imprint, Green White Violet. They are touring the UK this December with Admiral Fallow and you can become their biggest fan now with Brendan Smith's video conjuring youthful memories and a love for natural splendor.

Sean Bones brought his new single “United” recorded at Rubber Tracks NYC with help from Saara Untracht Oakner, & Juston Stens with recording and productions assists from Mike Caffrey and Ben Baptie. Enjoy what we have been told was recorded in one take. Not too shabby folks.

The Black Opera are prepping their upcoming Libretto: Of King Legend and we got your listen to “Balcony”. Get in all the theatrics from the upper deck box seats now and look for Libretto October 30 from the Mello Music Group.

With the new Errors album New Relics dropping November 6 from Rock Action Records, word has it they will tour the states that month with The Twilight Sad as they kick things off at The Music Hall of Williamsburg, November 5. Get into the electronic nouvelle vague with the Egyptian Hip Hop remix of Errors' title track “Relics” here.

Cars & Trains's Tom Filepp is beginning to release the remix collection from his freshly dropped We Are All Fire where we get to hear “Nations” re-routed and re-wired by Yppah. What is happening here is an orchestral rethinking of the Filepp's lyrical form where Yppah summons the powers of what we will call the neo-baroque for the sake of signifiers that surrounds the poetry and percussion with swirls of strings and waves of air.

Window Twins, Jon Bernson and Tim Cohen's brainchild of epic pop proportions dropped this week from Crash Symbols and Volar Records. Get inside the creative minds and hear some of the greatest talents of the day share what we around the office refer to as songs from the unconscious mind.

Seattle's Kid Smpl released the warm vocal salad chop up and slow trap-clap amid the smoke and steam from the new single “But I Don't” from his forthcoming Skylight dropping on double LP and digital November 12 from Hush Hush Records.

Jesse Mann made this spaced out video for The Stepkids' “Sweet Salvation” off the just released EP of the same name. In the video, the Stepkids are scientists that encounter strange aliens that capture, consume and provide the trio with the salvation of a weird larvae sac rebirth. Look for the new Stepkids album Troubadour in 2013 from Stones Throw.

Check out the Max Heath directed video of projected and imposed imageries, shapes, sepia tones for the visual rendering of Child Actor's “If You Loved Me” single. Their album Victory is out now from Circle Into Square.

Catching up with Seattle's rising indie rapper Space Dolphin in correspondence between classes threw us a lifesaver blow-up device with the loosie “Flotational”. In the age where tags fly around with friviloty for next generation hip-hop experimentation, producer/emcee Damon Johnson describes the phenomenon as “the movement of the earth-space-tree elements” that contribute to our current state of independent affairs. Sampling Beach House's “10 Mile Stereo (Cough Syrup Remix)”, Johnson takes things the extra mile beneath the waves from his sea weed habitat where the trees roast beneath the crust of the earth's coast. Look for the upcoming Space Dolphin Slide Thru EP dropping October 22, with more on the new website Pocean.

Steffaloo brings the LA acoustic atmosphere with her single “Can't You See”. Her album Would You Stay drops October 23 from Mush Records.

WHY? presents a series of what the title suggests, “Bitter Thoughts” with Yoni Wolf on the plastic draped couch in a classic confessionary mouth off that is the epitome of everything we love about these rapping and singing indie rockers. Get the new WHY? album Mumps, etc now from Anticon.

Tempe, AZ's Gospel Claws released their “I Want It All” 7″ on President Gator, b/w “Dream” from ROAR. For those that want it all, you can find their 7″ available at local Arizona record shops such as Revolver,Stinkweeds, Zia, etc or from President Gator direct. This is the sound of 2013's southwest indie and we are already anticipating Gospel Claws to take over the college/indie charts as we can add this to the song's extensive lists of desires and wants.

As we continue our coverage of GRMLN, we enourage you to seek out Yoodoo Park's Explore EP available now from Car Park. This is the sound of the summer in Santa Cruz you always wanted or the one you wished you had after getting sick at the Boardwalk or perhaps those lysergic wasted afternoons of frying out in the quad on the squiggle before retreating to that place of solace in the forest.

ON AN ON were built from the ashes of Scattered Trees and with some production attention from Dave Newfeld you hear the cosmic connection to the sonic dream screamers like their current single “Ghosts”; given the spectres in the machine video treatment here from Joe Carsello. ON AN ON's album Give In comes out January 29, 2013 from Roll Call Records.

Diggaz With Attitude are bringing not just attitude but golfing out on the fairway and performing minor surgery in the R.M.L. video for “Vikings” featuring Apathy & Wais P. Diggaz with Attitude is out now from Man Bites Dog Records.

Panda Riot's Brian Cook made this promotional video for the upcoming Sant Marie Records compilation Static Waves coming out post-turkey day on November 27 to fulfill your shoegaziest holiday dreams.

In a partnership between your old school social network medium Myspace and Denon is Feel the Music hitting NYC, LA and SF where DJ Z-Trip and Switch will play Mighty on November 1, free of cover, that's right, FREE with RSVP.

Celebrate la Día de los Muertos with a special performance from La Quilombera November 2 at the Rockit Room in SF bringing a collection of latin reggae and roots and sounds found and sought from the world over for a special night in the Bay.

Tonight! Audible Treats and Jeffrey Drag Records put on their CMJ showcase, 8pm, Union Pool in Brooklyn. To get you psyched we give you Bad Cop's wet and wild “Wet Lips” single serving as Surfing Magazine's promo for the 2012 New York Surf Film Festival. Gnarly brahs.

Also if are unable to make it out this weekend October 20 and 21 for the The Bridge School Benefit Concert 2012 at The Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Cali; you can watch it on their Facebook as a simulcast in its entirety.

Our friends So So Glos just rocked Shea Stadium this week and are in full CMJ swing as they are slated for 2 gigs October 20, first at the Knitting Factory for the Tumblr Party at 8pm, then at Public Assembly for Consequence of Sound’s CoSigns: The October Party at 10pm. Also remember to RSVP yourself for the 2012 CMJ Imposition Late Night that same evening, October 20 featuring performances from Black Marble and Le1f.