Week in Pop: Francie Moon, Noumenal Loom, Shelf Life

Sjimon Gompers

The rising star of Shelf Life & Scott Leitch; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Noumenal Loom



The word is out. Our dear friends Tiny Mixtapes sent the announcement that Noumenal Loom release the hotly anticipated Compilation 2; something of a forecast glimmer into what the future of pop music might actually sound like. No joke. For those new to the world of the prestigious & distinguished southern DIY imprint, refresh yourself with much lauded Compilation 1 along with all of our extensive coverage of the Birmingham, Alabama label of distinction.

Like it’s predecessor, Noumenal Loom arranges their epic comps by showing off their in-house roster mixed with inclusions of friends & unknowns that exhibit the promise of influencing tomorrow’s rows of unknowns turned well-knowns. An imprint that prides themselves on being on the cutting edge of sophisticated curations with a holistic & organic approach, NL begins Compilation Two with the new single “Powdery Blue” from Ethereal and the Queer Show that picks up where their recent opus Fairy Super Crystal Blue left off with one of their finest songs to date. “Wishdasher” delivers more wishes than dashing through unique channels of drum & bass rhythm variations that bounces into Giant Claw’s new beat-suite “Keep On” that maximizes the lenses placed on abstract groove assemblages. David Kanaga’s “Part 1-10” provides a charming chamber pop interlude that leads into Document Swell’s “Kalamata” that is as delectable as enjoying a richly seasoned tapenade olive salad, right before Metome transforms tradition lover’s rock into a whole other kind of affair on the curious & sensuous “Come to Me”, where those romantic & tragic motifs carry over on the incredible So So in Luv single “Break My Heart” that will not only crush your heart but blow your mind wide open. Compilation Two is an interesting round in that it highlights how deeply involved & invested the imprint is in practically reshaping the way the world interprets & observes dance music & culture. London artist Alfie Casanova throws maximalism for a loop on “Donker” where gratitude & generosity make for an all around exciting & forever interesting affair, as the party proves no sign of stopping any time soon with the mesmerizing event that is Onika’s “Joyeux” featuring Junko that takes you on echo-enriched tours of joy-running aimlessly through catacomb networks underground.

Priscilla Sharp brought about a release in tension with the minimalist & brilliant Quays produced single “Nervous”, ȡoƞƞie Fɾedeɾicʞs shares “Pearls” where the Holly Waxwing school of pop is employed before things get deep into the post-physical with Body-san’s “Hats”. Baptiste & Pierre Colleu deliver pensive & mystic moments with “Nouadhibou” (taking it’s name from the city of Nouadhibou located in the country of Mauritania), while ȡoƞƞie Fɾedeɾicʞs offers up more treats with “Synonym” as Crapface pushes the millennial process of chill-experimentation with “⸮♡? [vip]”, leading you into the glitch ditch trench digital warfare of Ultramiedo’s “Hyperfilth”. Noumenal Loom at this point in the comp has long proved their proliferation & prestige but insist on keeping the good times humming with $ega & The Rainbow Streets’ arcade room acid flight “Night Cruising”, that takes you to what could be the sounds of futuristic eastern xylophone symphonies on Galen Tipton’s “OoOo2”, war room board game techno parties on “Buggo’s Bassline” from Strategy, where you are then treated to another helping of David Kanaga with the choral keyboard interlude “Part 1 – 13” right before sending you directly up to outer space on the interstellar floating overdrive of Nico Niquo’s “Global Village”. Compilation Two solidifies all suspicions of Noumenal Loom being one of the greatest independent imprints in the world that has ear to the world’s pulse on what wonders each new evening & day might bring.


Label operators Garrett & Isabel shared the following exclusive thoughts on Noumenal Loom past, present with projected dreams of future developments:

Since the start of the label, we’ve always hoped to be a space that encourages and facilitates an intersection between art, music and a variety of other disciplines. For now we remain a small, and only moderately interdisciplinary record label. However, in the next few years we plan to become a press of sorts, working with a variety of artists and practitioners. We aspire to eventually launch a physical space that nurtures creative practice, the generation of fluid and non-proprietary ideas and a community of tolerance, empathy and mutual respect.

Compilation Two is available now from Noumenal Loom.

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