Week in Pop: Body Song, Scarves, Tom Brosseau

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Moon Bounce

Philadelphia’s Moon Bounce, oka Corey Regensburg; press photo courtesy of the artists.
Philadelphia’s Moon Bounce, oka Corey Regensburg; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Philadelphia producer Moon Bounce dropped the new video for “Drugs” featured off the upcoming album Clean House available March 10 via his imprint Grind Select. Corey Regensburg’s pop masterpiece is brought to life by Peter English’s direction animation & art direction by Raymo Ventura Fabrication, wardrobe courtesy of Tamara Hahn, Lawrence Casimiro & Jill Keys with cinematography by Phil Bradshaw with color effects courtesy of Greg Heller; the worlds of the chemically addled & sober collide in an addictive melange of perfect electro tropes. Regensburg’s trip to the record store turns into a hedonistic dive off the deep end where Corey can see himself in nearly every LP cover that makes for one big wild head trip that you have to see to believe. Corey introduced the album & video for us with the following exclusive words:

Clean House is the culmination of pop songwriting explorations over the course of two-ish years. We picked “Drugs” as the first single because it’s loud and sassy, but also because it serves as a proper analog to the energy of the entire record. Peter, Raymo, and the rest of the video team made an incredible visual portal to this whacko pop world I’ve attempted to create. I only had to hear the rough storyboard before I knew I was more than game for this project. I’m a total ham, and 11 hours straight of making faces, dancing, and taking my clothes off is a day well spent, in my opinion. Each of the emulated record covers exist in real life, some more recognizable than others, but all equally amazing. I hope everyone has as great of a time watching it as we had making it!