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Week in Pop

We have the new single “Moment 2 Moment” featured off Mozart’s Sister’s new album Field of Love available February 17 from Arbutus Records that is already promising to be Caila’s most epic release to date. The Montreal artist who has inspired nearly all of your favorite artists of the past half a decade plus returns with a vengeance with the biggest & brightest pop tones imaginable.

Savoy dropped the third single from their forthcoming EP with a listen to the title track “Living Color” featuring Fatherdude. The track operates on a confident beat & polychromed luster that keeps everything sound fresh & brand new.

We bring you the debut EP Prologue from Helsinki based SNØ that offers up some sparse wintry electro pop to warm up these icy days. “December” brings the chilly sentiments, while “Day By Day” takes you through the daily ritual systems, “Solo” brings the electro sounds of solace, while “Over” brings the four track EP to a complete circle & close. Essential January/February listening right here.

Oakland duo Dimond Saints are comprised of An-Ten-Ae & Re|eece presenting a listen to their synthy/moody album Prism In The Dark. From “Procession” though “Stay” ft. Yaarrohs; Dimond Saints shine their own synergistic light that is certain to illuminate even the most shrouded night skies.

Taken off the April 7 slated album Siberita that was written & recorded completely on the Trans-Siberian Railway with assists from Johannes Berglund (collaborator ofThe Knife, Lykke Li, FKA twigs, Owen Pallett, etc) along with Amason’s Petter Winnberg; Sweden’s Vanbot dropped “Collide (Krasnoyarsk)” The track shines like the brightest diamond that springs forth from a populated sky of stars where a sudden shooting meteor collision creates an electro-pop art cataclysm that must be experience to be believed.

Pillow Person has dropped one of their greatest pop-art statements to date with the Isaac Eastgate & Rottingdean Bazaar video for that executes the most exciting visual & audio piece with the ultra-beloved “On Your Way” video found off the upcoming release of the same name “On Your Way” available January 27 from Moshi Moshi. The bouncy electro-anarchy that is unleashed is treated a bizarre spa-day style treatment that will have you both dancing while pondering the funky & hilarious visuals, makeshift masks & styles that are spontaneous & will inspire you to design your own chic sallon of the future.

Sacre presented us with a listen to “Gaia” that is guaranteed to bring some enchanted vibes to your week with their synth-deluxe sound that will make you drift off to far away places that exist in our collective imaginations.

Stepha Murphy and Benjamin Dawson-Sivalia are Uruguay who present their video for “Sabrina Segment” that offers a privy glimpse into the worlds of Stepha & Ben. Directed by Stepha, we are taken deep into the NYC world of Uruguay full of intimate moments & exchanges that compliments the group’s moody & woozy sound.

Thundercat’s new album Drunk will be available February 24 from Brainfeeder & we have the track for “Show You The Way” feat Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins. Thundercat is poised to drop his smoothest joint ever released while getting an assist from the classic kings of all things smooth & sailing toward that yacht-rocking life.

DD Allen dropped the track “Just Like The Old Days” that harkens back to olden days of yore & more. With a classic approach, DD twists up the mix with an updated sense of sound definition that still holds tight the classic cadences closed to his nostalgic-loving heart.

Happyness’ second album Write In will be available April 7 via Bar/None stateside, delivering the theatric-art video for the track “Falling Down”. The group executes the moves of some kind of bedroom-glam pop 80s-pop lust that is given a nod through the alluring anachronistic obsessions & conceits featured in the following visuals…

Rosie Carney shared the earnest strumming single “Awake Me” that slowly expands the listener’s consciousness with understated expressions that shake & quake in a sublime sense. Released via X Novo, Rosie’s narrative runs from heart crushed whispers that take wings that soar toward some of the most astonishingly accomplished in altitudes in pop single construction contemporary history.

Dropping a hint via teaser trailer, Jimi Tents arrived on the scene today with the slick new single “Should’ve Called Pt. 2” ft. saidbysed. Feelings where everything seems like it falls on you to make it happen reverberate as Jimi pushes past the stress with the recipe for keeping the fam afloat while breaking down the reasons & rationale with some real life words of knowledge & wisdom.

Those seeking to find those common threads of meeting with folks in the middle to a super catchy tune; we bring you Little Comets’ “Common Things” that bursts forward from the UK with a sensibility that pushes their own musical explorations of common people & so forth.

Slow Sugar dropped the “Hypnotic Love” remix from Dulsae that keeps the evening pushing with all those big bright maximalist everything tropes that are the object of your addiction & obsession.

Frederick The Younger won us over with the massive production of “Leaves Are Gone” featured off their debut album Human Child available February 3. “Leaves” presents a timeless song that scales down the impetus of taking action that exist beyond the fair weather allegiances that stay only within seasons.

Take in the Magnus Ekelund video for Blänk’s “This Journey” that chronicles both where’s been & where he’s going. From vacant skate parks to river channels; Blänk delivers a listen look at his life that’s a work in progress & a project set in motion.

Shake & tail & plod about to the throwback-esque single “Goin’ Back Home” featured off Horse and Chariot’s debut EP Big Treble that offers up all kinds of troublesome & mischevious sounds. Available March 24, “Goin’ Back Home, Minor Reprise” contains all the excited sentiments that embodies the feelings of what it’s like to return back home after all has been said & done.

With Son Volt’s Notes of Blue available February 17, we bring you a listen to the single “Back Against the Wall” that ponders the sentiments & adversity about what happens when one feels up against the greatest challenges & foes imaginable.

The UK’s own Capital X dropped the single “Diamond Hard” that shines even brighter than the previous single “Teeth” where Julz B & Ruby C continue their DIY reign by arranging the most addictive electric elements together with style. “Diamond Hard” illustrates the allure of those diamonds in the rough that exist in the rawest & realest senses imaginable.

Available today from Polyvinyl, grab a listen to Fred Thomas’s Changer album that delivers a listen to all the shifts to soundtrack today’s weird, rapidly-evolving/devolving times. The Michigan by Montreal artist kicks off the action with the jumbled observations of “Misremembered” that Jim Carroll himself would have been proud of, right before Thomas sticks it to the knee-jerk crowd on the beautiful ballad of “Reactionary”, toasting the throwback year of “2008”, the cold observances of “Brickwall”, the lo-fi witty confessional “Open Letter to Forever”, the one minute electric instrumental of the title track, to the expressive outpour of “Voiceover”. Items of entertaining potential apathetic sentiments are mulled over on “There is No Need To Participate”, lampooning the bastards of the scenes with “August Rats, Young Sociopaths”, examining the malformed changes of “Echolocation”, the synth symphony of “Infuriated”, that is further elaborated on “Oval Beach”, right before leaving you with the pertinent “Mallwalkers” that sends up a toast to the new mall rat derelicts from the future scene sects & more.

Off her self-titled EP released last year, ESH presented the video for “Killing Fire” that offers up intimate portraits of memories & life continuing onward. Images of revelry & enchantment take over visually as ESH offers up reflections of inner streams of thought that are channeled outward in song.

Peep the Markus Thorington performance talent show video for “Unsymmetrical” from Eli Raybon’s upcoming album Green available later in April that brings some uneven antics & action to pep-up your weekend.

In case you were late to the Antiphons party, we present the following select listens from their Citrus City/Gigantic Noise release with Groan. The group offers up reflections on the human condition via the title track, to the closing number “Human Bruise” that furthers the more emotive side of things that are relayed through melodic-moldings of inner thoughts & expressions from the deepest & dearest places found in the most guarded inward spaces of the self.

Check out Edith Violet of FOURS brand new single & video for “Fade to Love” that offers up a pedestrian POV of mobile obsessed, swipe left/swipe right dating culture as the individual flips through a variety of Edith images that pass about like the streaming stroll of walking & speed dating. As we observe the various editions & visions of Edith Violet, the FOURS sound provides various takes on various conceptions of infatuation & romance in the twenty-first century.

Simi Valley triplets Mitchel, Garrett & Spencer Fraye are otherwise known as My Native Tongue who presented us a listen to their new single “Traffic” from their upcoming self-made EP. Having made music together since their early youth, “Traffic” provides music for transit & running errands throughout the business of the day that makes queuing about on the interstate a less stressful endeavor.

Phebe Starr just dropped the big bright single “They Keep Telling Me” about the persistent & insistent wisdom of others that is responded with the biggest electrified pop execution committed to audio.

With some big time rhythms & blues, we bring you a listen to Ricky Reed’s new single “Be The 1” that goes out to that special number one out there in the world. Waxing poetic about a prototype offers up a romantic proto-valentine hymn that cruises smoothly along a freeway of love & infinite affection.

In case you missed it, check out the Mythologen remix of The Radio Dept.’s single “Swedish Guns” that offers up some more synths & echo-effects. Featured off their latest release Running Out Of Love available via Labrador, the Swedish legends get their iconic sound further tricked out with additional booming percussion & further expansion of air & space between all elements of invovled audio components.

Watch Nick Murphy performing “Fear Less” live at the sold out O2 Brixton Academy in London that offers up an intimate anecdote against the pangs of isolation & more with plenty of fancy, flashing lights.

For sentiments of sentiments in absentia & more; check out The Gold Setting’s “Being Without You” that tackles the notions with some big brass affections & more about the anxiousness that arises in the solitude of loneliness.

Andy Suzuki & The Method dropped the sanctuary seeking jam “Shelter” featured of the upcoming album The Glass Hour available February 3 that offers up some Juny Mag production that invites some warmth for a loved one to shield away the threat of the ensuing winter cold.

Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm shared the visuals for the sentimental & love sick feels with “Sick With Love” that features Lauren singing out her hymn of the heart amid a time-elapsed backdrop of a busy street corner captured amid the hustle & bustle of the day & night’s movements.

Boy Epic dropped his own proclamation of megalomania with the visuals for “Kanye’s In My Head” about entertaining your inner narcissist & more with some big iconoclastic urges & intimations.

Tei Shi’s upcoming album debut Crawl Space will be available March 31 from Downtown/Interscope Records shared the Agostina Gálvez video for “Keep Running” featuring styling by Kathryn Typaldos. An intimate boudoir style video, Tei Shi provides an intimate view into her world with electro-tinged inspirations & low-lit elements.

Jacques Greene dropped the hyper-beat of the club-ready cut “Real Time” found off the Montreal producer’s forthcoming Feel Infinite album available March 10 via LuckyME. The motions & notions of things happening & unfolding in an unrelenting fashion take off in a way surely to move your entire being.

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears dropped the animated video for “PTP” from Roger Haus taken off their upcomiing album Backlash available February 10. The Austin, TX groups brings about their own timeless southwest sound that will inspire you to strap on some skates & roll about through your own respective neighborhood.

Jesse Boykins III x Two Fresh dropped the track “Live Love” off TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Records compilation available February 3 that features a cornucopia of fresh new future sensations of electronic sounds that are surely to take over in the great tomorrow-ever-after.