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The Paperhead

Nashville's The Paperhead; press photo courtesy of the band.
Nashville’s The Paperhead; press photo courtesy of the band.

The Paperhead announced the release of their upcoming album Chew available February 17 from Trouble In Mind Records & presented us with the twang & strolling single “Over and Over” with some exclusive words on the new full-length. The Nashville trio of Ryan Jennings, Peter Stringer-Hye & Walker Mimms have graced us with the lysergic-dipped gifts from Focus In On…The Looking Glass from 2010 to Africa Avenue from 2014; Chew presents the psych-obsessed trio honing in their country-rock side that incorporates their own unique take on Americana where epiphanies & intrigue occurs with a strong sense of happenstance where everything occurs according to it’s own appointed natural cycle.
“Over and Over” combines The Paperhead’s love for British psychedelic pop icons & all the radical & renegades of the late 60s/early 70s that makes for a pedal-steel flight through the cosmos. The trio captures perfectly the lazy day sentiment of watching time slowly pass by with every yawn & tick of the wall clock where sleepy observations of “possibly waiting for the roles to change” to “old radiation as I’m falling out lands & settles in my skin” mixes the boredom with the borderline disastrous as everything is uttered with a harmonized shrug of oh well as “Over and Over” carries on. The soft sway of the chords keeps everything waving like chaff & tumbleweeds rolling about in the day’s breeze as the chorus of “it wasn’t even on my mind” makes everything feel like an arbitrary happening. “Over and Over” is a song to play over & over to constantly create the sound of the most disaffected & detached afternoon of minimal responsibility imaginable.
Walker Mimms from The Paperhead introduced us to their new album Chew with the following exclusive insights:

Chew is Peter, Ryan, and Walker covering some territory together and with friends. Topics include, but are not limited to: pork, the classroom, the effect of pheromones on the brain, fairy tales, too much perfume, an encounter in a bathroom, the afterlife, the effects of winter weather on ferns, and chewing. Powered by TASCAM™. Brought to you by Richard Allen, “Champion of the People.”