Week in Pop: Friendless Summer, Jay Stone, Lady Lazarus

Sjimon Gompers

The perpetual rise of Lady Lazarus's own Melissa Ann Sweat; photographed by Marina Cohen.

Deep Cuts

Houston’s own pop performers Deep Cuts; photographed by Jay Tovar.


With Houston’s Deep Cuts sharing news of their new single “Friends” ft. Charles available now from Go Bang Go Records, we present the world premiere of the Sade cover b-side “Hang On To Your Love” that works in radical new romantic rhythms & ways. Chase Harris & Zach Alderman specialize in those twinkling types of tracks that have a natural sparkle & shimmer that recalls your favorite rhythms, blues & creative cadences where the sky feels like the limit for the duo. Following up their strings of singles & EPs with a full length album currently in the works with engineer Steve Christensen; Deep Cuts continue to carve deeper than many to make music that stems straight from the heart, spirit & mind.

“Hang On To Your Love” zeros in on the adult contemporary components of Sade’s eternal classic and actually attempts to make the smooth as silk original even smoother & sweeter. While there is little to no comparison to the 1984 wonder; Chase & Zach bust out all the musical artillery at their disposal to make a track worthy of being released in the mid-80s. The production matches Chase’s restrained & intimate delivery by providing a host of sound sourced subtext that makes for a sensuous track that works in ways that cater to a sublime sense of feeling that conjures thoughts of trysts enjoyed behind closed curtains. Harris sings out Sade’s lover’s rock lyrics as keys & understated percussion collects around like a constellation of synthesizers abiding by their own sequential orders, schemes, designs & textures.

Deep Cuts’ own Chase & Zach shared the following reflections on their Sade cover:

“Hang On To Your Love” was a favorite of ours for a while. We played it live exactly like the original version, but when we sat down to track it we ended up changing the song quite a bit. The harmony is completely different, the form of the song is restructured, and I tried to pull the overall vibe of the song towards a modern top 40 sound. I was jamming a lot of Drake and Bruno Mars. I think we did a good job of transforming some of the original elements: the bass line is in the keys, we sampled the vocal hook and pitched it down, and we turned the guitar lick they do in live videos into a big outro jam.

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