Week in Pop: Friendless Summer, Jay Stone, Lady Lazarus

Sjimon Gompers

The perpetual rise of Lady Lazarus's own Melissa Ann Sweat; photographed by Marina Cohen.


Crewdson’s creative compositions; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Featured off Crewdson’s album Toys available via Slowfoot Records; the Matthew Herbert collaborator & instrument inventor presents the premiere for the “Funny Games” video that exhibits a colorful & kinetic visual & musical praxis. An aesthetic that angles organic components with electrical aspects of amplification; the musician & innovative instrumental magician Crewdson curates a visual piece that beautiful matches the artist’s ever-expansive & meditative audio arrangements.

The video for “Funny Games” features images of Crewdson depicted in b/w while vast gardens are edited into the frame with a bright & vibrant floral luster. The bouquet of hues are seen over-layed above images of seas as the video progressions moves from images of Crewdson as we witness a literal take over of natural elements. Crewdson’s song mixes classic trad components with forward leaning progressive production techniques where acoustic strings are beautifully blended with the artist’s own intutive & instinctive approach to music composition. The innovative aspects of Crewdson’s sound is further expounded upon with lush visuals to compliment an intricate sound that brings old world approaches to newfound discoveries for styles that have no formal title or tag yet.

We caught up with Crewdson in the following interview feature:

Tell us about what sorts of sports and amusement went into the inspiration & inception for the song “Funny Games”.

Less sports and amusement and more apathy to epiphany. The song is about my move from the city to the country and the mindset that followed this move. I know a lot of people who relish the big city environment which really works for them creatively but for me moving out of the concrete and into the hills was a major shift in the way I think and work.

How do you feel the vibrant visuals further add to the song’s meaning & intent?

The video is a very literal one in many ways. The juxtaposition of my bored, fed up, passive vocal delivery in the first verses against the vibrancy of the flowers and the obvious shift from black and white to color are trying to echo the sentiments of the track. I tried my hardest to look as crap as possible in the video by not shaving or getting a hair cut and wearing some awful boring clothes—problem is though it just ended up looking like me as I do a lot of the time!

In conversation with Crewdson; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Interested in hearing about the merriment & visions that would inform Toys.

As the name suggests Toys is quite a playful album. It focuses on a mixture of personal nostalgia, current/recent changes in location in my life and also on the tools used to create the record namely my self-built electronic musical instruments that run as a thread through the whole album and also make up the artwork.

What are you currently listening to?

I’m listening to the new Bambooman album a lot, I love his production and this album is by far his best stuff to date. We are holding a joint album launch together for both of our records on 10th Aug at Total Refreshment Centre in London.

Insights from Crewdson; press photo.

Current projects of interest?

I have spent the last couple of weeks building a Light-Harp controller instrument for French singer Sarasara which has kept me very busy. Its a one of a kind musical instrument using flexible fabric arms and strings to control Ableton Live and a column of lights.

Obsessions & intrigues worth noting?

My next project is to build a stand alone real time voice sampler/FX unit. I have had it half built sat in my workshop for weeks but with everything else on the agenda its slipped to the bottom of the priority list. I need the weather to get a bit rubbish so I can lock myself away and get it finished!

Summer/fall plans?

I have quite a few shows lined up both for Crewdson and also performing with Sarasara and Matthew Herbert. I’m not going to any festivals just as a punter this year though and am getting a bit jealous seeing everyone else’s pics of Glasto etc.

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