Week in Pop: ETA, Kristen Barredo, Micah E. Wood

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Micah E. Wood

Getting up & down in the club with none other than Baltimore’s own resident mensch Micah E. Wood; photographed by Louis Vieira.

Longtime readers will be familiar with Baltimore media master, photographer, curator, artist & everything Micah E. Wood who delivers an important PSA for all the night-clubbers over there. As a disclaimer this song is not intended to preach or shame the denizens of the privy lounge, nor the vamps & stylish vagrants of the VIP—no—this is song that explores the alternate spaces of care, comfort, safety & good feels. And while there is nothing wrong with living that champagne life & ordering the most obnoxious brands of high end booze you learned about whilst enjoying the bars from your favorite track; Micah arrives to update the lifestyle trends & rules of chic that turning down might very well be the new turning up.
Presenting the world premiere for Micah E. Wood’s single “Club Song” (available now via all streaming platforms) along with the video from director Louis Vieira, art director Corynne Ostermann, and camera crew Steve Celano and Daniel Regner. Produced by Anna Vieira, the club set design was engineered by Corynne Ostermann Studios’ team of Christopher Chester, Corynne Ostermann, Delaney Cate, Kevin Granger, Lauren Castellana, Scott Archer, Thomas Yewell, Vincent Seadler, Zachary Pohuski, along with the artist Micah E. Wood. In conjunction with production assistant Grady Kershaw, bright typography supplied by Ronin Wood & Christopher J. Chester; executive producers Eileen, Stephen, Ronin Wood with an assist from Storyfarm, Blake Caple the Creative Alliance, Union Craft Brewing & The Crown Baltimore (and a whole lotta club-goers) all contributed to help put the following party together in full motion & form.
Watch as Micah enters a swanky event hosted by DJ Aaron Brown (SovthPaw) along side a clubbed-out crew that includes Eze Jackson, Dyyo Faccina, Butch Dawson, Corynne Ostermann of Natural Velvet & more. As the bottles start popping, Micah begins to air a song of dissent for the over-hyped hedonism that surrounds him. With opening assertive & over the top lyrics like if they play this in the club go home, go home, ain’t nobody want to hear this song on their own, Wood disses the overblown excesses & pretensions of these gaudy palaces erected in the name of mass intoxication. Preferring time spent with at home with a favorite pooch to suggesting a karaoke outing to perform a rendition of Sisqo’s immortal “Thong Song”—Micah lays all the honesty out on the line while kicking & melodically yelling I don’t want to go to the party as fellow patrons & partiers avoid trampling our hero as the writhe about on the dance floor. And while that clubbing life is a required routine by many, Micah E. Wood does not hesitate to list all the downsides to getting turnt & dealing with an army of inebriated party peoples. “Club Song” is a jam both for everyone that loves clubbing to those where even the very thought of it induces an indescribable array of anxiety & fear.
Micah E. Wood introduced the club song single & visual with the following exclusive insights:

The “Club Song” video is a visualization of the meaning behind the song itself. I wrote the song after a night out with some friends in a part of Baltimore and told myself that I would never go again with the kind of over-the-top club environment that I do not appreciate. I wrote the song about hating the type of social anxiety I get around big groups of people. The clubs in that neighborhood in Baltimore are just full of EDM songs and misogynistic men. “Club Song” is the song I wish I heard at that club that night, the song that just says Micah goooo hommeeeeee. I hope people can relate to this feeling.”
The video was brought to life by director Louis Vieira and Art director Corynne Ostermann (of Natural Velvet). They built me super dreamy fake club and fake night-in of my life, and it very much felt right out my dreams and nightmares.

Photographed by Louis Vieira.