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Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Drawing Boards

Taking a quick break with the gang from Drawing Boards; photo via Facebook.

NYC rising group Drawing Boards recently gifted the world their self-titled album from Gentle Reminder Records, an inspired record that offers plenty of pop thrills without any filler. The group draws inspiration from a collective creative spirit, where every moment & note offers a new surprise, new senses of excitement and intrigue that springs from a fountain of infinite fascination. Drawing Boards, like their moniker, celebrate the spirit of invention & re-invention where aesthetic innovation is predicated upon the necessity of unlimited changes and growth that delivers a refreshing feeling of newness & discoveries of life learned wonder.
The imaginative visual for “Poison Darts” is the music video that the moving song deserves. Brendan Colthurst’s classically tailored, well blocked, & lavishly arranged video directs Drawing Boards’ Aaron Pfannebecker, Doug Marvin, Jane Herships, Peter Rynsky & fellow choreographed dancing friends take their gorgeous song along the route of big vintage cinema productions. Cast in an old school b/w palette lens we see the band & company dressed uniformly in throwback professional leotard garb with frilly vests & bonnets for the purposing of delivering a grandiose synchronized spectacle. Like something from the golden era of early-to-mid twentieth century stage spectaculars, the group move in & out of synced choreography steps to convey the myriad emotions, confessions & desires experienced throughout “Poison Darts”. The video succeeds in delivering the epically arranged body motion maneuvers that resemble swirling designs, as Drawing Boards together bring a human element of humor, frustrations with one another (for falling out of the choreographed performance line to upstaging), along with an inclusive & playful affection that further accentuates the sincerity of the song. A song about imperfections, hopes and love that is set on the precipice of a dream sequence is given an incredibly dreamy dance presentation that will whisk you away to another realm with misty eyes.

Drawing Boards’ Doug Marvin shared some exclusive thoughts with us on the making of their video for “Poison Dart”:

It started with an idea I had, while watching an old Busby Berkeley movie: What if the camera zoomed in on the participants in the big dance number and instead of fresh-faced young dancers, it was us, and we were really bad dancers? I mentioned it to Brendan Colthurst, one of my oldest friends and a fabulously talented director, more or less as a throwaway idea. He took it and ran with it and made an incredible video out of my ridiculous idea.

Drawing Boards’ self-titled is available now from Gentle Reminder Records.