Week in Pop: Cat Hoch, Mr. Husband, The Total Bettys, VA Violet

Sjimon Gompers

The harmonic pop mastery of Mr. Husband; oka the Brian Wilson for the new generation; photographed by Mrs. Husband.

Forged Artifacts

forged artifacts week in pop 1

Dropping May 5 as a benefit for the ACLU & North Minneapolis’s Hopewell Music, we deliver the following introduction from Forged Artifacts’s founder/owner/operator/big boss-man Matt Linden about the 18-track strong compilation The Greatest of All-Time Vol. 2:

The Greatest of All-Time Vol. 2 is the second installment of an—admittedly infrequent—compilation series where we bring together our favorite bands from the Twin Cities music scene. The great thing about the cities is that at any given time there are a ton of new or veteran bands kicking out amazing music. Because of this we’re able to pick entirely new bands for each compilation. The other great thing about the GOAT comps is that every song you hear is the first time they’ve been released. Each track is either written for the compilation or for a future release, so it keeps the entire project exciting and exclusive. We’re very proud to say that all proceeds of this installment will be donated between the ACLU and Hopewell Music in North Minneapolis.

front cover of the Forged Artifacts' compilation The Greatest of All​-​Time #2.

front cover of the Forged Artifacts’ compilation The Greatest of All​-​Time #2, ft. artwork by Derek Erdman.

Fury Things kicks off the compilation with “Fury Things” that is enough to make you forget the oughts ever happened as the sweetest scuzz takes over the audio frame. Taking their name from a Dinosaur Jr. obscurity, they live up to their heroes & passions while pointing the way for what dreams may follow in the not so distant future.

Suzie’s “Over It” discards all the b.s. of everything with a liberated & ultra-electric earworm that is certain to burrow itself deep into your psyche. The feelings of angst & all the overwhelming everything that we have to contend with in this world is assuaged with some of the most electrified examples of electric-pop perfection that blossoms like a bouquet of peonies.

Ahem’s anthem “The Lake” is perfectly aligned on Forged Artifacts comp of heroes & superstars that kicks out a jam to soundtrack whatever excursion you have in mind for the weekend, weekday or whenever. Keeping that power pop raging, Ahem celebrates & worships at the alter of what just could be called the FA sound (you decide).

No bathroom breaks allowed, as What Tyrants summon the sky to open wide with “Rainmaker” that causes a downpour of pure inspired power pop genius. This is everything that you have been craving & praying for to fall from the sky like mystical audio morsels of mana.

Tony Peachka dispels all rumors with the ultra-self-awareness heard on “Gossip Girl” that depicts all the various attempts & tries to better oneself with some super real exhibitions of honesty. This is a single that does not shy away from shortcomings & misgivings that gives you a radical earful of pure real.

Leave it to Private Interests to dig up all of our latent angst with “Teenage Tom” that operates on one of the most accelerated progressions around. There is no in-between mode here as PI goes for the jugular that offers up the ultimate soundtrack to score whatever youth in rebellion protest that might be happening up the pipeline.

And once Royal Brat arrives on the scene no one is safe with repeated lines of “got to be aggressive,” the band storms the gates of heck with a whole lotta chutzpah. This is the group that appears like a force of nature that would more than likely turn your party upside down with a whole lotta eccentric & excited attitudes.

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