Week in Pop: Cat Hoch, Mr. Husband, The Total Bettys, VA Violet

Sjimon Gompers

The harmonic pop mastery of Mr. Husband; oka the Brian Wilson for the new generation; photographed by Mrs. Husband.

Alice TM

LA's Alice TM; press photo courtesy of the artist.

LA’s Alice TM; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Introducing Los Angeles rising popstar Alice TM who offers up a listen to her Trigger EP available now via Cascine’s singles imprint, CSCN. Collaborating with producer Cozy, Alice approaches sentiments of dysphoria and all the intricaties involved that encompass the infinite confusion of our current anarchic & volatile era.

The title track “Trigger” sets up the situations with ample trigger warnings and the like that offers an intimate view into Alice’s world. Further helter skelter sentiments are entertained on “Disorder” that tackles the disarray of what occurs when things are disorganized & scattered outside the elements of organized orders. Crossroad & forks in the road are heard on “Stick By You” where the feelings of falling in & out love are heard like an intriguing internal depiction of mental discourse that offers up a monologue for the post-post-modern age.

Alice shared the following exclusive thoughts with us about the making of the Trigger EP & how Cozy’s production helped to bring her visions to fruition:

Moving to LA cross-country from Brooklyn, where I was born and bred, cleared out my head a little bit and I started noticing which thoughts and behaviors of mine are recurring ones and will likely follow me wherever I go—and which ones live in NY and let me leave them behind. I was looking a little harder at some of my friendships/relationships and writing down what I would say to someone if I didn’t mind hurting them.

Cozy’s production is highly emotional and encourages me to be more direct in my words, without parsing them, since it can hold that directness and help it to be expressive. Working with Cozy on a new piece is a very yummy and luxurious thing, bathing in the new sounds as they develop and seeing who they make me think of, what conversation they make me wish I could have. And then I have that convo in my head and sing it over the bath of yumminess that brought it out 🙂

We definitely choose sounds that feel girly to me… emotional, delicate, delicious, fun, funny. And what buoys expression. Cozy and I have developed a language—through knowing each other for like more than a fucking decade [laughs]—and it’s easy to cut to the chase, which is the dreamiest thing in a collaborator. No dancing around, no tiptoeing.

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