Week in Pop: Cat Hoch, Mr. Husband, The Total Bettys, VA Violet

Sjimon Gompers

The harmonic pop mastery of Mr. Husband; oka the Brian Wilson for the new generation; photographed by Mrs. Husband.


In flight with PilotPriest's Anthony Scott Burns; press photo courtesy of the artist.

In flight with PilotPriest’s Anthony Scott Burns; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Available today courtesy of Waxwork Records; we are pleased to present the proselytizing sky-captain PilotPriest, oka Canadian special effects artist/auteur Anthony Scott Burns & his imagination igniting new album Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. It’s a score to that sci-fi odyssey you always dreamed about but never saw that straps you into the navigator’s chair as all turbine jets & route charts are pointed toward all of tomorrow’s forthcoming space operas.

Like a tribute to Vangelis, Moroder & more of your favorite cinematic sound-architects; PilotPriest lifts off with the decisive & tense flight-mode/fight-mode of “Body Double”. The peril & precision of flight are taken to the sound of an ultra-lit electrified nightclub from a not-too-distant future, to the romantic heroism of “Silver Bullet” that could have been in any of Nicolas Winding Refn’s recent films. Moods & feelings capture the center stage of Anthony Scott Burns synth-orchestrated opus as a limitless joy can be heard entertained on “Miracle Mile”, to the dance-pop experimentalism of the club-foot hopping “Manhunter” that surprises & delights at every turn as “Rumblefish” takes the atmospheric keys to some inward arenas, while “Firefox” could have been an outtake from the cult-ish classic Clint Eastwood movie of the same name from 1982. The movie moniker game continues with the towering inferno tension on “Streets of Fire”, to the exiled energy of “Thief”, the moody introspection of “Don’t Look Now”, exploring the rhythms of the outer reaches on “Black Hole”, to the computer game heroism of “Legend”, before reaching the cruis-control level of “Curising” altitude. Matters get mathematical on “Less Than Zero”, to a re-imagined re-soundtracked “Xanadu”, the BMX epic redux of “Rad”, to the fantastic voyage rethinking of the score from “Flight of the Navigator”. The re-imagined soundtrack worlds carry forward with “Cat People”, the Pyramid re-mix of the concentrated & focus marathon “Run”, the expansive audio lands of “The Canyons”, the touch & cut-throat street beat style of “Switchblade”, to the closing key-cascading track “Blaupunkt” that will keep your spirits lifted long after the record stops spinning. PilotPriest offers up a message from the pulpit that encourages you to go on a journey unlike no other where your favorite flick soundtracks become re-imagined & new narratives take over all of your favorite scenes.

PilotPriest’s Anthony Scott Burns penned the following exclusive introduction to the imaginative new album:

11 years ago I started making the music that would become the album Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

I’ve always written music as a way to honestly connect with people. With OMPS, I set out to try and compose music that had the emotional and sonic DNA of our collective childhood. Not an emulation, but a celebration of the movies and scores that shaped our generation.

I’m thrilled that the album is now getting a re-release in the form of a deluxe vinyl by the geniuses at Waxwork, and hope that people will enjoy listening to this love letter to cinema on its intended format.

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