Week in Pop: 2Mex, POW!, Religious Girls, Sheers

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers


Sheers; photographed by Aron John Dubois.

Portland, Oregon’s Lily Breshears leads Sheers, along with Daniel Rossi & Aaron Stern who follows up the single “Quantized” with the world premiere for the lavish “All Will Be New”. Breshears passion for piano, classical voice work in prep school, to a detour in the collegiate opera pursuits that would lead her to orchestral harp while harnessing her own creative voice & talents into something that was all Lily’s own. Sheers updates the cryptic mysteries of modern hymns & melody arrangements for something that feels like a section taken outside of some sort of contemporary art film. The song itself sounds like a complex moment shared between film characters where the impact of the meeting provides one (or both) of the characters with a moment of pause. Shee’s music cuts in ways where expressive & ambitious pop vignettes become expansive songs that are set for stage and screen.
Sheers’ single “All Will Be New” resounds like something from a clandestine speakeasy lounge of another era. Lily takes full command of the piano keys, while Aaron & Daniel reinforce the sound to make for a full experience that sounds musically exhibits a mystical process of renewal. The phenomenon of things being made new is expressed like a miraculous occurrence complete with sound effects and an arrangements that allows the song itself to have plenty of room to breathe, inhaling & exhaling amid a mysterious set of backdrops. Sheers’ revel in the sense of old concepts becoming new again, where laws of physics for a moment feel reversed as the feeling of growing younger instead of older reverberates in life changing ways that defy description. On Shees’ grand debut for “All Will Be New”—the joys of renewal & more await all listeners:

Lily Breshears of Sheers introduced her new single “All Will Be New” with the following detailed reflections:

“All Will Be New” seemed to write itself quickly in a burst of frustration. At the time, I was feeling that everything surrounding me was so curated and mundane that I was watching the days vapidly pass me by. I think I wanted beauty and order so much that I ended up looking in the wrong places, which I realized only as this song poured out. “All Will Be New” is essentially asking to see the ugliness around me because that’s where the meat really is, that’s where the reasons to be present and purposeful are.
My plea in “All Will Be New” wasn’t long-term—I was so disheartened at the time that even small amounts would do, hence the lyric about a false spring. A false spring happens when late winter is mild enough to trick plants into an early bloom, which can kill the blossoms when cold weather returns. That metaphor is so dear to me that I chose to name the song after it and make it the inspiration for artwork. Of course, the music behind the hopeful chorus/closing line, All will be new then, and all will be good, had to sound unsettled since I was asking to really feel disorder to gain a sense of purpose.

I have a hard time articulating exactly what “All Will Be New” is about because it’s filled with dichotomies, but hopefully my sentiments are clearer when you hear the whole song!