Week in Pop: 2Mex, POW!, Religious Girls, Sheers

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers


We just received word that Oakland duo Parentz are releasing a new single on the last Friday of every month this fall through Popgang Records & bring you the first installment with the appropriately titled, “Single“. Having dazzled us with the recent “Beach Body” track & more, Jeremy Sullivan & Jonathan Hall keep the halls decked with the electro-adornments that exude the very essence of an infinite dance party that you never ever want to stop. The latest prolific streak from the duo is yet another reminder of seemingly limitless scenes of wild talents that exist throughout the East Bay that rest of the world is just beginning to discover.

Catching up with Parentz; photographed by Claude Cardenas.

From a host of environmental keys & a lot of other atmospheric items working together in tandem; the evolution of the PARENTZ sound can be heard like a formation of cloud wave frequencies fusing with electrical interferences to create the synthesis of new dance essences. Conversation descend & extend from the confines of the dance floor and into the fray of real life desires where chance meetings/encounters are wished to be something even greater. That inner unrequited frustrations of realizing that your crush is already taken becomes an emotional dance track where synths further actualize the complicated & conflicting feelings that these sorts of situations often involve. From mixed signals at the club to the lonely Lyft ride back home; PARENTZ exemplify those heart-blocked situations where those latent desires of starting something special with someone new remain a fictitious fantasy upon learning that the special certain somebody already has someone else in their life. In PARENTZ’ own words on the matter:

When someone you’re really in to is already taken, don’t you wish they were…