Week in Pop: 2Mex, POW!, Religious Girls, Sheers

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Indian Wells

Out in the forest for a while with Indian Wells’ own Pietro Iannuzzi; photographed by Leonardo Calvano.

Indian Wells offered the new single off of the upcoming Friends of Friends album Where the World Ends (available September 8) who guides us through the wind chime wormhole with a sort of focused, tunnel vision point of purpose. A plethora of breathy keys percolate beneath the surface of metal bell rhythm breezes that wave through some of the latest atmospheric & cinematic compositions from one of the electronic realm’s most underrated artists. Indian Wells’ own Pietro Iannuzzi provided us with the following exclusive prologue to Where the World Ends:

Where The World Ends channels feelings of geographical, social and political isolation formed from borders both ageless and imposed.

“It’s Where The World Ends” brews & percolates with field sounds stewed in a soup of electronically engineered & organically found & structured sounds. The sweeping section of cinematic synths rush forward like a rogue wave hell bunt on earth consumption as those aforementioned clusters of chimes & beat suites carry the action onward. The feeling of your favorite disaster films are exhibited here with a sense of clear & present dangers that reflects a mirror image of our own tumultuous world.
Indian Wells’ new album Where the World Ends will be available September 8 from Friends of Friends.