Week in Pop: Ha Ha Mart, Mane, The Tablets

Sjimon Gompers

The Tablets' own icon Liz Godoy filmed in front of artwork from sister Melissa Godoy Nieto; photographed by Habib Khan Awan.

The Anatomy of Frank

An inside look at The Anatomy of Frank; photographed by June Collmer.

Through kindred connections we recently discovered The Anatomy of Frank who are recording an album in every continent that they travel to and are currently wrapping up their new album South America that was recorded in Ecuador. Presenting the world premiere for “The Promised Land” in time for Mother’s Day, Kyle, Jimmy & Max channel the inexplicable weight of personal loss & newfound perspectives depicted in evocative expressions of earnest & spirited melodies that rise higher than the tallest reaches of attic rafters. The following non-album track resonates with that feeling of reflecting upon while spending time in new environments & partaking in the foreign experiences that inform with insights on way to enrich your familiar world.

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“The Promised Land” is a song that Kyle dedicated to his mom, that offers up a culmination of powerful feelings brought about by the group’s time in South America. Senses of nostalgia & those ineffable feelings for family & loved ones are cast in a brightness like the outstretched arms & hands of the sun’s ray beams that send out one last burst of warmth before lighting duties are regaled to the reflective astrological planetary patterns. Thoughts on aging & feelings of maternal love bring about some of the most inspiring melody arrangements & progressions that stem straight from the heart in honor of one of the world’s most sacred bonds.

Kyle introduced the debut for the new single “The Promised Land” with the following insights:

This song was written at the tail end of our time in South America. As the album deals so heavily with family and aging, I spent a lot of time ruminating on my relationships with my parents and loved ones. My time in Ecuador also gave me space to reflect on where I want to live, and it became clear that I yearn to live in the woods of northern Vermont. This song is for my mother, who has always been one of my best friends, and who continues to inspire me to go where I want.

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