Week in Pop: Ed Askew, José Díaz Rohena, LUKA, Midnight Opera

Sjimon Gompers

The prolific José Díaz Rohena steps out from behind the mixing board to showcase new material; photographed by Sarah Macreading.


WRITER; photographed by S. William MacNeil.

Featured off the Small Plates released album Principle Web from NYC’s own WRITER; we are thrilled & delighted to present the visuals for “Jerry’s House” created by Tape Deck Mountain’s own Travis Trevisan. The instrumental song itself is a super-charged foray intto emotive & passion laded guitar textures that blare with purpose from their sources of amplifications and into the mind’s eye of the listener’s ear. Trevisan follows the focuses of the chord swells, transforming the song entirely into an art installation type of event where various visual reels are interwoven in layers that compliment the progressions that WRITER steers like sonic sea captain battling the chop of the outer oceanic realm where one imagines Melville level entanglements with Leviathans of the great deep.

Trevisan’s visuals for “Jerry’s House” begins with image overlays of bubbles floating about an outdoor setting, while the repeated credit-roll style of the the band’s moniker & song title scroll in a variety of styles, speeds & fashions of aesthetically intriguing forms of textual alliteration. To further the high art stakes, Travis incorporates both scenes from a ballet, spliced alongside footage of improvised dance practice session that are also edited in time to WRITER’s methodical approach to controlling the measured tempos of chords, melodies & rhythms that roll with the velocity of a rollercoaster’s trajectory of rises, falls, loops & corkscrews that keep the audience on the edge of their seat. The WRITER x Tape Deck Mountain multimedia meeting of sound & vision makes for a truly engaging experience where we witness a wild collaboration of creative superpowers that when their respective talents combine could create a supergroup for the ages.

Travis Trevisan from Tape Deck Mountain penned the following reflections on creating the visuals for WRITER’s “Jerry’s House”:

A Lyric Video for a song with no lyrics:

For an unconscious reason I decided on the strange task of making a lyric video for a song with no lyrics. My video editor program is an old version of iMovie, so given the limitations I ended up using the program in a similar fashion that many musicians use a 4-track by bouncing down multiple master files so one can add additional layers. It’s a rather painstakingly repetitive process, but like those old Tascam 4-tracks can be rather rewarding in the end. Conceptually, I was inspired by the dancing in past WRITER videos directed by Erin Lee and Paul Remund and this was my attempt at creating my own take.”

Andy, Josh and I have been working away this year on a new record that we are continuously excited about. Not sure when we plan to release it but, all smiles.

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