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Week in Pop

Emerging from the world of Crystal Ghost’s Elliott Baker; we invite you to catch the debut listen to Pom Pastel with the techno-thumping demo “Contrast In Your Eyes”. The Pom Pastel trip takes you through those familiar epic trance corridors that ends up in a wealth of vintage synth blasts that sends the track out into a classic arcade cacophony of oblivion.

Chicago artist & trumpeteer Marquis Hill takes on Tiffany Gouche’s “Fantasy” featuring Harold Green III on the inquisitive, visceral & colloquial poetics alongside Joel Ross on vibes, Junius Paul on bass, with percussion from Makaya McCraven. With visuals courtedsy of Shirk Studios, Anthony Gravino & Fola Management; prepare to get taken to a world that feels like being privy to one of the world’s smoothest sessions among the graces of talented giants.

Nehemiah St. Danger just re-worked Banny Grove’s “Earthling Sound” with the awesome & beat-centric St-Danger Remix. Originally featured off the Nicey Music LP Who Is She?; the rich & wonderful world of Banny Grove is made even more wild, weirder that already has us awaiting the next BG release.

Soak in the super posh & fashionable Mariel Gomsrud, Matthew Francis & Joshua Bartos video for Ninth Child’s “Virgo” that features a ritualistic twist on late night swim sessions. Natalia Benson (formerly of Whitehorse) & her posse transfrom a late night pool event into a ceremonial & sacred affair with a clandestine aura.

I M U R presented “Swirl” that draws the listener into the soft rhythm & blues narratives that connects levels of bonds & intimacy to some deep levels. Featured off the upcoming Little Death album available March 24; the track dazzles in sensuous & psychic ways with that after eight o’clock sentiment that lures you into the adventure of an amorous evening without a foreseeable end.

Joe Goddard gave us a glimpse of their homeward bound traveling video for “Home” featured off the forthcoming album Electric Lines available April 21 from Domino. As it feels like the entire world is shutting down nearly all of our beloved venues, Goddard’s video provides some solidarity with the struggle that the club-nightlife circuits from Fabric, the situation in Sydney, Australia, NYC, the Bay Area & beyond have been experiencing.

France’s producer extraordinaire Brodinski annoucned the new EP Brain Disorder available April 7 sharing “IWFYB” Ft. Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Brodinski follows ups the The Sour Patch Kid mixtape that offers up some hedonistic & hazy ambience with some carnal rhymes courtesy of Pablo Juan smoky delivery.

From the imprint Foom take in the works from Micachu (oka Mica Levi), Oliver Coates, & Eliza McCarthy with a listen to the tranquility seeking single “Peace”. Composed by Written by Micachu & performed by Oliver Coates; the cello strings offer up a sort of levitating quality that allows all stresses to bend off the bow into the ether of limitless imagination.

Featured off Tokyo Taboo’s new album 6th Street Psychosis; start your dance party off proper with the Roger Spy video for “Pussy Power” that dethrones the patriarchal powers that be with dance pop set to a scene designed after midnight cult movie camp.

Peep the Alex Maxim Seltzer video for Hoan’s “Ways to Love” from their debut Modern Phase from Fantôme Records April 28. With forthcoming tour dates with She-Devils, Half Waif & Operator Music Band; the Montreal group prepares to take on the world. Keep up with all of our Hoan coverage here.

GRID, made up of Nelson Dahl Podgurksi & Lea Bertucci are getting ready to celebrate the arrival of their NNA releases March 28 at Pioneer Works co-presented by Ad Hoc & we’re getting wild to “(+/+)”. Battle Trance’s Matt Nelson on sax brings on the wings of the apocalypse, joined by bassist Tim Dahl of Child Abuse with Feast of the Epiphany & New Fimrament’s Nick Podgurski on percussion duties that together combine powers to create a cryptic brew to instantly transform the dullness of days into the electric energy of nights. Both Bertucci’s All That is Solid & GRID’s self-titled will be available March 24 from one of the world’s greatest labels—NNA Tapes.

Get your spring break started early with a listen to Indian Rocks Beach Florida’s FayRoy as they share their enamored album Heaven At Twenty Seven available now. From the sky-wide-eyed continuum of visions on “Life and Death” to the tranquil river-raft floating “To the Moon” that makes our outer galactic universe feel a little closer to earth.

Introducing San Francisco’s No Vacation, made up of Sabrina Mai, Marisa Saunders, Nat Lee & Harrison Spencer who share the beauty of their single “Mind Fields” available now from Topshelf Records. The group conjures up all the exhilaration of insular introspection that leads down a minefield of rabbit holes both good & bad that makes for a sound that will melt your heart & mind in unison.

J.Views presented us with the video for “Don’t Pull Away” ft. Milosh from Tamar Glezerman & off 401 Days that brings about all the ocean side feels. Intimate moments shared between creative hearts play out in embraces & exchanges in the foreground of crashing waves.

Spinning Coin presented us with the artistic video that features colorful contributions from Chris Wallace, Rachel Taylor & Taylor Stewart for “Tin” off their upcoming Raining On Hope Street 7” available March 24 through Geographic Music. Catch them tonight at SxSW March 17 at the Glasgow Buckaroo Ball at Mohawk & march 18 1:00 PM on the International Day Stage at the Convention Center. The visuals here match SC’s sound that is full of sporadic happenstance where various items of audio & visual stimuli dash & flash before your very senses.

LA’s Pom Poms are lead by Marlene and unveil the WB Fontenot vintage video for “Gimme You” found off their debut album Turn You Out available May 12. Blending the more cult elements of the swinging 60s with a scuzzy sense of pop modernism; Marlene commands a creative ship of her own design & steered toward her own own sweet spiraling aesthetics.

From Pandagunda, behold the wild visuals for Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s “Unworthy” where questions & thoughts of worth are transformed into artistic abstract arrays of digitally illuminated creations of intrigue. Find this and more on their forthcoming REVIVAL album.

DYAN shares the shine of the Morrisa Maltz video for “Looking for Knives” that finds abandoned spaces for the restrained & rumbling electro-pop to dwell within.

Fall closer toward the celestial dimensions with Carly Van Skaik’s “Closer To Heaven” that ascends towards the sky-bound destinations in question of frontiers of the unknown—expressed in digitally exhibited tones.

Philadelphia’s OddKidOut is prepping the Full Circle EP sharing the single “Wonderfull” ft. UK’s 1403. The situation takes on some hypnotic heights as your altitude is about to be entirely altered through a production that embodies the sentiment of feeling wonderful.

Tara Jane O’Neil readies her self-titled debut for April 21 from Gnomonsong and then melted our consciousness with “Blow”. The track feels as natural as the breath of the win strewing about the laves & chaff that play about the ever changing cycles of winds.

Dutch Uncles’ single “Oh Yeah” got re-worked by none other than C Duncan, originally featured off the group’s Memphis Industries album Big Balloon available now. C Duncan zeroes in on all the places in the track to bring out the big, brash & bolder tones that will inspire you to start your own freaky dance party.

Will Joseph Cook busted out a listen to the fanatic “Biggest Fan” that deals with items & various aspects of idolatry in excess & the two-way streets of expression & comprehension/understanding. Discover this one and more off the debut album Sweet Dreamer available April 14.

Currently taking on SxSW; Norwegian duo Tuvaband presented us with a lovely listen to “Everything We Do Is Wrong” available via the single imprint Diamond Club. The combo of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser with British artist Simon Would illustrate their emotions exhibited on the escapist attempts of “(It’s Not About) Running”, ruminating through the emotively charged chords found on “Unknown”, leaving the audience with the title track that provides some sparse & atmospheric elements & essences to heat up these last days of winter.The duo introduced their new single with the following reflections:

Everything We Do Is Wrong is coming from an underlying feeling of being trapped and sometimes paralyzed in a world where the normalized, daily stuff we do feels wrong, both for the planet and the people. How and what we eat, buying new clothes, and the stuff we acquire because we think we need it, but actually don’t. “Everything We Do Is Wrong” is a raw and stripped back song with a lot of emotions.