Week in Pop: Boy Romeo, Crown Larks, Sun Glitters

Sjimon Gompers

A sunset to sunrise conversation with Sun Glitters' own Victor Ferreira; press photo courtesy of the artist.


Germany's own dream-wave riders Seasurfer; press photo courtesy of the band.

Germany’s own dream-wave riders Seasurfer; press photo courtesy of the band.

Just in time to help celebrate the spring solstice, Hamburg’s Seasurfer brought us their new Saint Marie Records album Under the Milkyway…Who Cares. Embodying what by now is truly the authentic Saint Marie sound, if you will; the wave riding wanderers set their sails for the sky & space with a release that casts the cautions of the earthbound world to the rushing atmospheric winds, whose air thins as interstellar events are embarked upon. The key to the Seasurfer style/approach/aesthetic is something that seems to exist between the inspirations that beckon in the outstretched beds of the sea to the seemingly infinite heights of atmospheres that graciously lead to the outer dimensions (known to only to the privileged & scholarly scientific handfuls of actual astronauts out there in the world).

Which leads us to the premiere for Seasurfer’s “Daydream”, made by the visionary label boss/visual artist Wyatt Parkins himself. With sights all set toward the galaxies far above, the visuals for “Daydream” are very much earthbound as nature walks through mystic views of trails, trees to bodies of water met by pebbles & land provides something of an enlightened launch pad for the Hamburg group’s sound to shine as bright as the mythic heavens & dimensions above. Parkins’ visuals allow the reflective & rippling pools to be met with leaves from reeds, branches & floral booms that are surveyed by the video’s curious wayfaring protagonist (played by the bassist’s daughter Delphine). The motif of water doubling as a connection to the outer-space allusions allows the waterside moments of pause to be something of a meditative pause to enjoy before Seasurfer’s cosmic ship sets sails for new intergalactic destinations. The band introduced the single, album & video to us with the following exclusive insights:

“Daydream” has the most dream-pop elements of any song on our new album. This track also has experimental vocals, which mix in its very own melody. Unquestionably a homage to our mentor and friend Robin Guthrie from the Cocteau Twins. A Seasurfer take on the Cocteau Twins…? The video shows pictures from the city in which we live from the perspective of Delphine, the daughter of our bassist. For us still the song is a perfect fitting to a daydream!

Seasurfer’s new album Under the Milkyway…Who Cares is available now from Saint Marie Records.

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