Week in Pop: Amy Reid, Nicholas Fisher, The Veldt

Sjimon Gompers

Jet-setting with multidisciplinary wonder Nicholas Fisher; press photo courtesy of the artist

Amy Reid

The incredible pop genius of Amy Reid; photographed at B. Willow courtesy of Audrey Gatewood.


Baltimore DIY dance innovator Amy Reid (one half of Chiffon) presents a look at the park partying visuals for “Only Tonight” from director Corey Hughes. Featured off Reid’s recently released album Hirsute from Friends Records, watch as Amy & company take over their surrounding environments that makes the world their yard. From inclusive backyard patio gatherings to pool-table meet-ups at Baltimore’s Gallery One Bar; Amy entertains an excited & inspired atmosphere of bonds, support among friends in the femme/non-binary/queer communities.

Corey Hughes’ video for “Only Tonight” transforms surroundings of trees, fields of grass, dives & sweet street scenes that exist in the spaces that extend from dusk to the insomniac awakening of a brand new dawn. Amy, friends & surroundings are illuminated through colorfully cast additions of light where the glow & reflective gifts of the sun are mirrored by the effect. Amy Reid & cool company reclaim their city, their streets, sidewalks, frontyards, backyards & local business as a non-heteronormative safe-haven that is all their own. Reid’s electronic expressions observe & obsessive over those chance meetings that are fleeting (yet still resonate with an impressionable impact) as illuminations of green, red, pink, blue & all the electric colors of the evening’s fluorescent sky collect before your very senses. “Only Tonight” is Amy Reid’s ode to the one night only occurrences of happenstance that leave us in a world of wide-eyed wonder.

The awesome & almighty Amy Reid; photographed by Missy Malouff.

Amy Reid wrote the following thoughts on the the track & visuals for “Only Tonight”:

The song itself has a soft rave vibe so I wanted to the visuals to be a casual gathering and party. It’s kind of like a lazy mission to find love. Feeling too awkward to ever say something in a fleeting moment or maybe imagining a connection altogether that didn’t really exist for both people. For the shoot, I invited friends over friends identifying as queer, femme & non-binary so there would be no mistake that song was about queer / non-heteronormative love by being void of a male gaze altogether. The video is kind of like, me having my friends over, having in depth talks about life & relationships, us all going out meanwhile I’m still in my head about this one relationship I can’t figure out and in the end, nothing ever comes to fruition. We had one night and the time passed and it’ll never come around again and I’m at peace with that. but….you missed out [laughs]. The shots outside are in my backyard & a field behind my house in Baltimore City. I wanted it to feel like a comfortable pre-party before we went out. The shots with the pool table are at a gay bar called Gallery One Bar that has a long history in Baltimore. There were people at the bar when we asked to film there, so they let us film in the pool room where no one had occupied the space yet. Altogether, I think the video visualizes moments of being in your thoughts with yourself specifically late at night, sharing experiences with friends and seeing where the night takes you.

Amy Reid & the crew; photographed by Missy Malouff.

Director Corey Hughes also shared the following words:

The visuals for the track came from the idea of recreating the floaty space between the night and the morning. Some people are still dancing on the dance floor. The sun is shining through the trees. Forces are converging. Look at the changing light. Look at all those nice textures.

Check out more from Corey Hughes via their site & Instagram.

Amy Reid’s new album Hirsute is available now from Friends Records.

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