Week in Pop: HDLSS, Jesus Sons, LuxDeluxe

Sjimon Gompers

Through the darkness of futures past—HDLSS's Far & Wolfy emerge from the billows of fog machine smoke; press photo courtesy of HDLSS.

Twista’s Week in Pop

Draped in the stars & stripes—it’s the chopper flow champ himself, Twista; photographed by Kayla.

Having just recently released what we believe is his tenth album with Crook Country; it is our pleasure & esteemed privilege to welcome an artist who really needs no introduction as we present Twista’s following exclusive Week in Pop guest selections:

Chicago’s own national treasure & icon—Twista; photographed by Kayla.

Buju Banton, “Untold Stories”

I liked the song because he talkin’ about uh the Poverty and hardships of the people in his land and the kids and just… he laid it out. It was a untold story and I appreciated hearing it. And it made me feel the same thing going on in his land that was going in Chicago and things like that.

Prosody & patriotism—courtesy of Twista; photographed by Kayla.

Eric B. & Rakim, “Microphone Fiend”

When I was first saw “Microphone Fiend” and the video and Rakim and he had the shorty in the video dancing and everything that just gave me a whole vibe for Hip-Hop. Taught me how to dress, taught me how to look. So “Microphone Fiend” was a big record that was impactful [sic] for me.

Standing tall with Twista; photographed by Kayla.

Trae Tha Truth, “Takers” ft. Quentin Miller

Takers. That’s a song probably people don’t know. It’s Trae Tha Truth featuring Quentin Miller. And I just like the song a lot because both of ’em were vibin’ on it and they were talking about how they’re not waiting around for nothin’. They just gon take it, you know. So that’s one of my songs I like.

Parking structure photo shoots with Twista; photographed by Kayla.

Carl Thomas, “Summer Rain”

Carl Thomas, he’s from Chicago. When that song first came out, it was a jam to me. One of my favorite songs ever. Especially seein’ that he was the homie that created it. So I like that a lot you know what I’m sayin.

Exhalations, expressions & selections from Twista; photographed by Kayla.

Young Thug, “King Troup”

That’s just cold. Soon as he come out he just be like, “I hop out I’m dabbin'”…you know what I’m sayin’. “We on to the smashing'” You know so just the whole feel of the way he pop into the beat and everything. Its just reminiscent of kinda what I do lyrically and it just had me vibin’ so I like that song a lot.

The mystic mind & majesty of Twista; photographed by Kayla.

Gnarls Barkley, “Crazy”

[I’m] really listening to anything in particular like you, like if you play it I will like it, but I don’t really have any favorite group or nothing like that. The only different vibe I go on is maybe Gnarls Barkley or something like that.

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