Week in Pop: HDLSS, Jesus Sons, LuxDeluxe

Sjimon Gompers

Through the darkness of futures past—HDLSS's Far & Wolfy emerge from the billows of fog machine smoke; press photo courtesy of HDLSS.

Miss Jupiter

The latest from LA’s Miss Jupiter; photographed by Ethan Killian.

Miss Jupiter is back with the awaited album debut Amagianascience that takes listeners through the networks of cosmic voids & the detours through parts unknown. Lead by the visionary Michelle Rose, the landscapes of Los Angeles become transformed into some sort of alternate space-age dimension that blends classic & contemporary pop where novelty pop camp meets the serious sincerity of what could be a new, new, new-wave revival. The title Amagianascience pertains something of a cognitive style of magical realism that rose described with the following insights:

The title (pronounced similarly to “imaginations”) is a word coined to describe a magical rebirth of consciousness.

Michelle Rose offers up an all star cast that includes guitarist Angelica Tavella (from Nyx, TV Heads), bassist Quincy Larsen (of Future Shoxxx, Cat Scan), Michelle Vidal (from Spindrift, The Fur Traders, Linda Perhacs), percussionist Rachel Fannan (of The Bomb, Only You), Rufo Chan, Jr. (from Shirley Rolls, The Terrapin, Familiar Howlings), synthesist Börnabin (from The Place, Fever The Ghost) & Naomi Sato (of Honey Child) who take listeners on a creative & inspired journey. Amagianascience starts with the star twinkling “Enlightenment” that seeks some sort of flight plan/path to the moon, before the disco-Lite-Brite party gets fully cranked on “The One”. Wild visions & seekers run wild on the moonlight dancing “Cosmic Child”, right before traveling to the stranger dimensions on the eerie “Chiron”, to the daydream summoning ritual of “Creatures (Let The Visions Come)”, that marches into the simpatico arms of the surf film soundtrack jam “Such a Nice Friend”. Miss Jupiter’s musical arts reiterate the imperative & importance of feeling on “I Can Still Feel”, coasting on the crystal ship of “Ride the High” that floats like a chimera seen in a dream as Rose closes out the album with the already much beloved single couplet “Sunshine/It’s All in You” that moves the listener closer toward an inviting & mysterious source of light.


18-19 Kickoff @ Echo Park Rising, Los Angeles CA (details TBA)
21 The Firkin, Portland OR
22 Substation, Seattle WA
23 Sam Bond’s Garage, Eugene OR
24 Oakland, CA – The Night Light
25 San Francisco, CA – Milk Bar

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