Week in Pop: HDLSS, Jesus Sons, LuxDeluxe

Sjimon Gompers

Through the darkness of futures past—HDLSS's Far & Wolfy emerge from the billows of fog machine smoke; press photo courtesy of HDLSS.


The luxurious & deluxe lived life of LuxDeluxe; press photo courtesy of the band.

Introducing Northampton, Massachusett’s LuxDeluxe, comprised of Ned King, Jacob Rosazza, Caleb Rosazza, Gabe Bernini & Jake Edwards who deliver us a slice of 4-track recorded home with the world premiere for just released album Let’s Do Lunch courtesy of Old Flame Records. Like a modernist-classic take & twist on nearly everything you have loved about the history of recorded sounds & the inherent evolution & osmosis of styles that have ingrained themselves in our collective international psyche.

Let’s Do Lunch begins with an introductory call to all musicians & listeners with “Welcome”, right before rambling with a whole lotta vintage fare & flair on the jubilee that is “Keep Your Distance”. Old school AM radio pop bursts on the affectionate MOR-fashioned “I Love You, I Love You” that you will swear you have already heard a thousand times before. That analog approach of near-obsession continues to burn with that home-spun electric essence on “Don’t Bring Him Down” that is yet another glowing reminder of what adept brilliance is possible when you group together a collection of talented artists around throwback instruments & recording measures.

LuxDeluxe proves to be the Steely Dan for our new times as they enchant on the single “Pretty Little Thing 1” that offers up some of the finest rhythmic & motorik offerings from the band. That classic-modern mode keeps on rocking with the line casting cool of “Fishing”, offering even more sweet & serene sentiments on “Baby Whatcha Feelin”, right before the band rock you right with the commencement of “Start of Something” that will ignite your imagination & inspiration all at once. Those romantic recalls & reflections take a subdued detour with “Hey Girl”, to the new rhythmic rocker “Scrapsy” that exemplifies the beauty & joys of scrappy living. The group shows off their classic Americana chops with a whole host of eclectic radio dial spinning style on “Revolution 11” right before LuxDeluxe completes their cycle with a host of luxurious vibrations & arrangements that will leave you stunned that this was created via a Tascam 4-track. The band introduced their new Old Flame record with the following behind-the-scenes insights:

With encyclopedic knowledge of vintage gear, from Gabe Bernini’s Clavinet to Jacob Rosazza’s Beatle bass to Caleb Rosazza and Jake Edwards’ collection of vintage guitars, amps, and drum kits, LuxDeluxe’s next release will be their third full-length album, Let’s Do Lunch. Comprised completely of songs tracked with vintage equipment on a Tascam Four Track Cassette Recorder and mixed at SpiritHouse Music Studios in Northampton, Let’s Do Lunch puts the listener amongst the band during late-night recording sessions, at the center of the synchronicity only family can create, and at the heart of their influences.

LuxDeluxe’s Let’s Do Lunch is available now from Old Flame Records.

Catch them on their following tour dates:
14 Boston – Seaport Music
19 Philadelphia, PA – The Pharmacy
21 Washington, D.C. – Gypsy Sally’s

02 NYC – Rocks Off Boat Show

08 Vermont – Otis Mt. Get Down
16 Massachusetts – Festival at the Farm

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