's most extreme videos of 2012

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As much gratification as listening to the top albums of 2012 gives you, music just doesn't make you taste pennies in your soul like a grainy, titillating video featuring amateur pugilists. We've assembled the most shocking WorldStarHipHop videos that are so riveting, you'll never again question your own turpitude.

WARNING: These videos aren't just NSFW, they will literally get you fired for thinking about them later on, so watch them in a safe place, like in your parents' basement, or on an airplane. In fact, buy a new computer, because your old computer will never, ever forgive you for subjecting it to such pixelated depravity.

NOTICE FROM IMPOSE MAGAZINE'S ATTORNEYS: By scrolling this far you hereby indemnify IMPOSE from any personal injury lawsuits arising from face-melting when staring directly at the screen while watching these videos. Seriously, turn back now. BuzzFeed's servers are up and running.