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Crooked I

This week in hip-hop found relative newcomers joining forces with established veterans to keep good music alive. We were blown away by MidaZ the BEAST, who had somehow (despite, or perhaps because of, his creatively stylized name) managed to stay off our radar until very recently. Dizzy Wright added to our reading list while Killer Mike and F.A.B. gave us parenting tips and Crooked I poked fun at recent controversies. Below, the Lines of the Week.

5. “I'm moving, I don't need a whip/Rapping on my Four Agreements shit/Giving knowledge, you could keep the tip” — Dizzy Wright, 'Hollywood Freestyle' lyrics
In hip-hop's Golden Age, rappers used to send us to the library on the regular. So it was a nostalgic blast for us when Wright name-dropped this 1997 New Age-y tome.

4. “I pray for this life for my sons/They anything like they father, they might be finding trouble frequent and fun” — Killer Mike, 'So Good At Being In Trouble (Black Noi$e Remix)' lyrics
This is the first of two meditations on fatherhood this week's list. Mike reminds himself — and us — that, for good and bad, the proverbial apple will likely not fall too far from the tree.

3. “I'm just praying to God, and I'm hoping that he listen/Broke my Granny heart when I said I ain't a Christian/Ain't trying to argue 'bout my views on religion/But my daughter need some shoes to match her True Religions” — Mistah F.A.B., 'God Don't Love Me (Remix)' lyrics
We are, it must be noted, suckers for puns on the brand True Religion. We loved it when Joe Budden did it, and we love it here.

2. “And I know she know, chain and the cross/C.O.B, I'm the COB gang boss/Bitch threw a molly in her own champagne/This time around y'all can't blame Ross” — Crooked I, 'No Sleep Gang' lyrics
Leave it to the West Coast veteran Crooked I to poke fun at the Rick Ross “UOENO” controversy. His playful touch on a topic that has been anything but lighthearted somehow succeeds.

1. “Who it is? They call me Johnny Storm when my body warm/I'm fire, like what they represent on Bob Marley songs” — MidaZ the BEAST, 'Fire' lyrics
MidaZ' performance on this whole tune is incredible, but this couplet is particularly amazing. The different takes on fire, from the Human Torch to the kind that Marley caught and brought down on Babylon, make this easily our winner this week.

Groaner of the Week:

“I say fuck nigga don't say nothing, fuck nigga don't say nada/All these niggas full of shit — I just thank God they ain't pinatas” — Lil Wayne, 'We Been On' lyrics
Weezy has been even more scatological than normal in recent months, but this horrific image presents a new low for him. We definitely recommend a long shower after hearing this song.

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