TEST: The Pitchfork Fest Deathmatch

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Pitchfork Festival

With the annual Pitchfork Festival right around the corner—in one full day, to be precise—the important questions have all been asked, the tickets have been purchased, the sunscreen has been pre-applied, and the deep-dish pizzas have been shunned in a stand against any non-New York style pies. Sorry. The one question that still remains, and has been left unaddressed by Pitchfork, its subsidiaries, and other attendant music blogs, is who of the performing acts would win in a fight? We know you’ve been thinking it—and when the heat index is upward of 100-degrees and the sandy patches of land begin to itch at out-of-town artists’ feetsies, there will be aggression in the air. Based on a completely arbitrary system that I just made up, we present you with:

The Pitchfork Fest Deathmatch