Download NPR's massive SXSW playlist

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Ok, so you aren't going to SXSW, and everyone you know is going, and the winter won't end, and everything is awful and cold. But there is a way through it, courtesy of a very long and hefty compilation of SXSW standouts put together by NPR, and available for stream or download. The Austin 100, as it is called, is NPR's annual gift-that-keeps-on-giving, to be poured over and savored whether or not you find yourself in Austin next weekend. It has something for everyone and is sure to bring bands and songs to your attention that you haven't already heard, or you have and need reminding. Best of all, it's free and neatly zipped for the taking, featuring the likes of Potty Mouth, Saintseneca, Quilt, Football, etc., and more.