Guest List: Evening Darling

When last we heard from NYC rockers Evening Darling, they were headlining a gig over at Rose Gold. Now, a couple of months and one baby(!) later, the band is back with a new single “Schuyler St”. To celebrate, we had Evening Darling share with us five tunes they’ve been jamming to of late.

Check it all out below and be sure to catch Evening Darling at Rockwood Stage 2 on December 11th at 7pm.

Dan: “Chemicals” by Gregory Alan Isakov

This song has a sneaky nostalgia to it. It’s full of bits and pieces that seem to make up some kind of memory that may or may not have actually happened. The song reflects on all the struggles and stresses of life, but also questions their actual existence. Maybe the things that stress us are just objects of our imagination. “And emptiness knows me…Was it just chemicals in my head?”

Erica: “Cheap Words” by Bart Davenport

This Bart Davenport song has me putting on pastel eye shadow and cruising for sad boys on the sunset strip. Someone pour me a White Russian.

Dave: “Way With Words” by Bahamas

I love the way the repeated muted guitar part fits with the drums, and the wordless “hm” background vocals. The song just makes me feel good. Afie says he has a way with words, but I love all of the arrangements on this album.

Nick: “Missing You” by Robyn

I was so excited when there was a new Robyn album out. She’s fought through being blacklisted by the pop machines to keep putting out fun minimalistic dance pop that I always love.

Rusty: “When” by Michael Nau

This song creates a miniature world of its own in two minutes and change. The staircase drum sounds and circular guitar line unravel around the simple but intriguing vocals. It feels almost like an old rediscovered song recorded today, full of reverb and warble.