Guest List: Talk Time

A few weeks back, LA-rockers Talk Time burst onto the scene with their excellent debut single, “Year Of Self.” Now, the band is back with a new track, “Desperate Weather,” which offers another beautiful atmosphere to lose oneself in.

To celebrate “Desperate Weather” and extend the love, we had Talk Time give us five other bands from the City of Angels they’re digging right now. Stream the tracks below and add it to your playlists here.

Oddnesse: Rebeca Arango and producer, Grey Goon, are the dynamic team that make up Oddnesse. The LA group has been releasing singles this year & the newest one, “It Runs Wild,” will stick with you for days. Arango’s ethereal vocals lay out effortlessly over the dark groove in this track. The band offers a simplicity that feels refreshing, a lyrical vulnerability that feels intimate, and big dreamscapes that offer a mesmeric trance.

SWIMM: Vibez for dayz. This is such a great soulful atmospheric jam that you need in your life. Peppy verses are elevated by a sweet fuzzy bass and the listener is treated to tripped out downtempo choruses.

Private Island: The kind of track that might amp you up for a night out, maybe going to a party or to commit some…crime? Such great production and fun songwriting on this jam. Nailing the right balance of R&B groove and modern rock drive.

Dear Boy: A slick pop quartet fronted by overall sexyman Ben Grey. Their latest release “Love Interest” is a great example of that polished pop swagger.

Steady Holiday: The one woman musical journey of Dre Babinski into dreamy landscapes and thoughtful, introspective pop. Her brand new album, “Nobody’s Watching”, produced by Gus Seyffert, is out now and has a standout track of the same name.