Jordan Krimston – ‘Turn The Page’ EP

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

San Diego musician soars with stunning and diverse solo EP

Jordan Krimston is a San Diego-based musician who has performed in a number of awesome local groups including Big Bad Buffalo, Miss New Buddha, and Weatherbox. An alum of the San Diego School of Rock, he’s been writing and recording music from a very early age, and his style has run the sonic gamut between indie rock, garage-pop, folk, and post-punk with shapeshifting ease. Last week, the rising singer-songwriter released his fantastic debut solo EP Turn The Page, and it features some of the most diverse and dynamic music of his career so far.

Turn The Page is an all-too-brief but nonetheless stunning effort from Krimston. It opens on the quick, quirky cut “Need You When You’re Gone,” which features stabby keyboards, propulsive guitar work, and vocals fed through a unique digital filter. It’s a short and sweet intro to an album of wondrous tunes. Krimston keeps that momentum going, and from there, the record oscillates between jangly indie-folk sounds (“Typecast”), rollicking garage-rock (“Blitz & Jr.”), and soaring lo-fi anthems (“WIP”). On the latter – the EP’s penultimate tune – Krimston’s infectious vocal wail gives way to searing, angsty relationship vibes as he yells “I feel high as hell/ Are you doing well with the answers?” The track’s staticky production touches and stark lyrics take it to stratospheric emotional heights. Overall, Turn The Page is a sincere, catchy release that covers a wide sonic spectrum, and a triumphant solo effort for Krimston.

Turn The Page is out now, and you can purchase it HERE. You can also sample it below via Bandcamp.