4kMicheal – “Life Story”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Baltimore rapper has a bright future ahead of him

We don’t know a whole lot about 4kMicheal, but the music we’ve heard from him so far has been incredible. Hailing from Baltimore, 4kMicheal is a rapper who combines delicate R&B/trap production with an ethereal, atmospheric flow. Overall, his sound is equal parts cerebral and visceral, and his newest track “Life Story” is a self-reflexive hip-hop ballad full of bravado and vivid detail.

Armed with an understated, boisterous vocal delivery and a knack for vivid storytelling, “Life Story” is full of nuance and introspection. The skittering trap beats and moody synth touches provide a propulsive tapestry for 4kMicheal to express his long, winding personal journey. “I wish I could change the shit that you went through/ I wish I could take back the shit that I did too,” he croons, full of regret and longing. It’s a dark and bittersweet track that parses one’s checkered past while longing for a brighter future. And if he continues churning out excellent tracks like this one, it most certainly will be. Listen to it below.