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555 nine gates cassette

Minneapolis native, producer Chris Farstad of the electronic group Food Pyramid recently took some alone time to cultivate his solo side project under the moniker of 555, not surprisingly a new member of the Moon Glyph family. A few days ago, he released his third cassette under the nom de plume, Nine Gates, a nine-track space odyssey through electronic psychedelia that's equal parts introspective oddity and dance-minded electropop. Opening track “Uklululayla” sets the tone, ebbing in and out with synthetic shimmer and acidic disco beats. The gawky start-stop, anti-fluidity of the track contrasts nicely with what follows it; a song titled “Som Hassel,” which smooths out its predecessor's unevenness (intentional though it must be) with a less amorphous meeting of ambience and beats, wherein Farstad might as well be stitching subatomic particles under a microscope. The concluding track on the cassette, “Killing Joke”, sums up the journey on a note of euphoric pop. Wobbly KORG melodies spiral together over a wispy New Wave rhythm, as if to herald the dawning of a twilight age.

The Nine Gates cassette is out now on Moon Glyph and digitally on Bandcamp. Stream it below.