A hardcore band from Philly called Leather

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I'm just going to go ahead and make a rule that if your hardcore band is from Philadelphia, I will probably listen to you. Thank the band Leather for that new rule. I'd actually go ahead and name it “The Leather Rule,” but I have to figure that there is some secret code in S&M dungeons that uses that title, and I don't want to piss off any hardened dominatrixes, or their male counterparts, dominators.

So how good is a band with a pretty much unsearchable Google name? Apparently, John Sharkey from Clockcleaner likes them so much that he said they sound like “Tad Doyle had owned Age of Quarrel and actually listened to it.” A quote like that doesn't just make me like you, it nearly brings a tear to my eye, and it hold up when you listen to this single. It's like the Cro-Mags fronted by some sassy motherfucker who wears wifebeaters. You say that's an impossible combination? These dudes don't care, they're in a band called Leather for gods sake. What are you doing with your life? Go and pre-order their new single on Jade Tree.

Leather, “No Motivation”