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Sun Shadows LP

A veteran of the LA' All City Records 10″ series, Mike Gao drops his Sun Shadows LP next week on Machina Muerte. The alignment with Isaiah Toothtaker's label should come as no surprise if you recall our debut of Gao's Human Suit remix. In addition to being a scientist of remixes, Gao is an inventor of sorts, as he is responsible for the Vocal Beater app, which allows you to beatbox into your iPhone to make beats. Pretty cool, eh?

The first two leaks from Gao's album are polar opposites, as “BOVGVEREAV (Bouguereau's Youth and Cupid)” aligns with the traditional LA beat glitch and “Don't Fake The Funk” rides shotgun in Dam-Funk's G-whip. All in all, Sun Shadows shows serious promise of expansion of form countering the inevitable stagnation of beat music. Keep fighting it off, LA. We're enjoying your brilliant run.

Sun Shadows is out April 12. The album art was done by LA musician Teebs.

Mike Gao, “Dont Fake the Funk” feat. Zackey Force Funk & Eddy Funkster

Mike Gao, “BOVGVEREAV (Bouguereau's Youth and Cupid)”