Adam Lempel & The Heartbeats, “Echo”

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Adam Lempel & The Heartbeats

When Baltimore's Weekends did us a solid by filling in an open slot at our SXSW Austin Imposition, we did some hefty bro-ing down that led to exchanging cassettes and CD-Rs. Much of my stuff and acquisitions during the week was lost though (sunglasses, CD-Rs I actually wanted, a rad x Lurk Hard t-shirt), swallowed in heaps of discarded beer cans, sandwich bags, and dirty laundry that clogged our rented mini-van. Someone somewhere got my copy of Adam Lempel & The Heartbeats, which I never got to hear until today after discovering the eponymous cassette on Friends Records.

I now directly you to “Echo”, a delicate number in which Lempel is assisted by Amanda Glasser of Silent Whys. Within the record “Echo” settles the jangle and doo-wop sugar buzz into a quiet nook fit for contemplation. Adam assumes the role of echo to Glasser's wandering tag-a-long. It creates a cyclical conundrum, but if you've ever cared too deeply for a seeker, it will resonate and bounce like that thing that happens when you shout into a canyon.

Stream the full album on Bandcamp and purchase the cassette via Friends Records.