Aesop Rock, “Bosico”

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San Francisco has treated Aesop Rock well it seems. Since his coastal crossing he's sounded rejuvenated. He produced the shit out of the Felt 3 record and has expanded his creative outlets, giving an impression he's on a perpetual verge of mental breakdown #2.

One of those expansions is his 900bats website, a resource center that compiles art, videos, information, and oddities, mostly involving Jeremy Fish reading disturbing bed time stories.

Though Aesop is not behind the curtain (nor camera) strictly, he recently posted a video for a collaboration with Philadelphia instrumental outfit Grimace Federation called “Bosico”. The video features Jeremy Fish at the wheel of a 70's conversion van tearing up the streets of SF on his way to the beach with Aesop “Davey Crockett” Rock rapping in the backseat, while Cage reads a graphic novel. Cage is apparently doing cross-promotion for his “Captain Bumout” video.

“Bosico” is also available for download here.