Ñaka Ñaka's soap opera vision

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Ñaka Ñaka took an arcane concept and stretched it all the way out: Enjoy a 21 minute mashup of Telenovela scores, hopefully off the tape deck in your slow motion Convertible, muffled with wind that's laconically flitting past filtered through some delay pedals and plenty of reverb. Some of these tracks are on some McGyver trip (see: that Valeria y Maximiliano reel), as is Ñaka Ñaka for patching all this stuff together and basically making the perfect ode to hypnogogic collage: what could be more plastic and yet nostalgic as cheese synth and saccaharine ballads and balls-out tenor sax solos, all buried under degraded and varied sound qualities?


Ñaka Ñaka's Telanovela Fantasmux track list:
01 Cadenas de Amargura – Incidental 1 (1991)
02 Valeria y Maximiliano- Entrada (1991)
03 Victoria- Entrada (1987)
04 En Carne Propia- Entrada (1991)
05 Teresa- Entrada (1989)
06 Cadenas de Amargura- Entrada (1991)
07 Al Filo de la Muerte- Entrada (1991)
08 Herencia Maldita- Entrada (1986)
09 La Madrastra- Incidental 1 (2005)
10 La Sonrisa del Diablo- Entrada (1992)
11 Yesenia- Entrada (1986)
12 Seducción- Entrada (1986)
13 Días sin Luna- Incidental 1 (1990)

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