Schoolboy Q lays out his “Options”

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Q's baddest hoe inhaling the finest weed in a creative manner.

Schoolboy Q's Setbacks remains one of my favorite rap records of the year thus far. If Kendrick is the “good man in a mad city,” Q is the dude in the crew who's knee deep in the madness, indulging in all its pleasures. Schoolboy dropped a loosie called “Options,” which sounds like a “Druggy's With Hoes” Remix that travels down the same club-drugged sonics as “To Tha Beat (F'd Up)”. I've got the strangest suspicion “Options” chops and screws a famous Basement Jaxx track, while the “Still Tippin'” resonates in ether of bass.

Produced by THC, “Options” is destined to receive a cache of dubstep remixes as hundreds of white boys with goatees, shitty old polo shirts and rap-related hoodies lose their shit to the nihilistic proclamations of “I be on some shit / sex, money, murder with your bitch, making fuck flicks.” Me, I'm sticking to the Schoolboy Q original shit that is more akin to Houston's chopped and screwed sound.

Schoolboy Q, “Options”