Al Lover X GOAT, “Stonegoat”

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Al Lover, the San Franciscan producer known for mashing up psychedelic rock with thumping electronic beats, is at it again with his next vinyl release, Al Lover X GOAT. The EP is comprised of Lover’s reworkings of six of Swedish psych-rock band GOAT’s tracks, each combining digital and analog sounds in a way that feels conducive to driving across a desert. The track featured here, “Stonegoat”, is a fitting example of how electric guitars and electronic beats can be blended into something simultaneously psychedelic and danceable. While this new version is stripped of the vocals present in the original, Lover’s “Stonegoat” carries itself through his intricate cut and stitch approach to electronic music.

Al Lover X GOAT is out now via PNKSLM Recordings (but the vinyl is sold out already, woops).