R.L. Kelly, “Alright”

Katie Capri

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Sometimes when you’re in a crowded space, you get caught in a moment of isolation. The kind where you feel like you’re projecting your POV on a movie screen more than participating in the plot.

On Soundcloud, Rachel Levy credited the latest New York Orchid Tapes showcase for inspiring the big feels behind her latest warmly heart-wrenching track as R.L. Kelly. The L.A.-based songwriter tapped close buddies from the Midwest and East Coast to build the feels out into an appropriately adorable melancholy about distance in modern relationships. Bittersweet lines like “Enjoy what you can/what you’ve got’s not forever / I’m here for you honey, yeah we’ll be alright” give a modern pep talk before Ohio-based Spencer Radcliffe pumps airy keys on top the peppy drums played by Levy’s Orchid Tapes-mate & Philly bedroom songwriter du jour,  Alex G.

The lilting guitar lines bounce over the layered vocals that carry Levy’s straightforward ode to her loved buds into the melting keyboard coda that gives the listener plenty of time to mull over the lyrics at the end of the song.

Stream “Alright” below and remember, in the end, it will be.

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