André Obin, “Approaching Zero”

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Andre Obin

Though it took five years for André Obin to write his full length debut, The Arsonist, the Boston synth artist is not taking another five years to craft a sophomore album. In April, André Obin will releases Ways of Escape on Sky Council.

The title track of his debut is maximalism on tilt, a sort of demand imposed by its intensification of every texture. A year later, “Approaching Zero” is starkly polar to Obin's past work. As a lyricist, he's still expressing fragility, but on “Approaching Zero” the acoustic front line is accompanied by crunchy drums that never strong arm the soft fabrics. A year ago he was a ball of inertia, concerned with being a man on fire. The first single of Ways of Escape suggests André Obin is coming to terms with the compartmentalizing of the impulses of his emotive synth pop. “Approaching Zero” is Obin in control and with it comes renewed interest in an artist who's pushing beyond the early signifiers, and modern peers.

André Obin's Ways of Escape is out April 29 on Sky Council.