Ed Schrader's Music Beat, “Pantomime Jack”

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Ed Schrader's Music Beat

One part pagan ritual, one part hardcore basement moshpit, minimalist post-punk duo Ed Schrader's Music Beat's new single, “Pantomine Jack,” wavers between gloomy verses and an unhinged, shouted chorus that releases the built-up tension. The song's verses are punctured by a fuzzy, simplistic bass line and the tip-tapping of Schrader's floor tom that's like an audible nervous tic. Oddly poppy while still pure evil, Schrader's stuttering chant and deep voice give the track a sort of glam swagger that will keep your knee shaking and the demons rising.

The Baltimore two-piece's second release as a duo, Party Jail, will be out April 22 via Infinity Cat Recordings.