Appetite's digestive system

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Scattered, Smothered, Covered is more than an album title and the three options in which one can order hash browns in the South. For Teddy Briggs, known as Appetite on record, the three words are states of being (ponder on it) as he fights the good battle plaguing his peers. The 27-year old has issues with food, but it's more complex than just a hunger for sustenance. “A lot of people, myself included, are hungry for things that they can't even name,” he said. “Or hungry for things they think they need, which they already have. I think that's a running theme in my songs.”

“Warn Me, Right” is shimmery and tropical, but all those pretty jingles are smoke and mirrors for Briggs cautionary manifesto of restless nights and fits of anxiety in lavish houses that were supposed to be built for comfort. It's the sort of song that would have a video of a seemingly perfect suburban family losing all sanity over a set of misplaced keys and the next thing you know the weed-wacker is hacksawing through a plush sofa.

Appetite, “Warn Me, Right”

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