Tab One of Kooley High goes solo

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Tab One of Kooley High has approved the five finger discount of 11 new jawns. The Tabloids is not much a departure from the Kooley High sound, mid-90s Dillaccentric beats laced with bravado raps that homage the creators who inspired the next generation.

Tab One, “Vc Insd My Hd”

Most days I struggle with my rap criticisms. Too often it becomes a toss up as to whether the influence is apparent to a status of biterism, or if it's an exercise of aptitude in the art of homage. Is it respect or is it a ploy to mask creative limitations? On two separate songs Tab One name drops his headphone favorites, Slum Village, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, but Tab, I've been listening to your record. I gathered that much. These are the voices inside my head.

Tab One, “This Way” feat. Median

Tab One, “Who's That”

All criticism aside, The Tabloids got the jazz. Tab's chill-in-the-cut flow is hypnotic, making this freebie worth the download time. We should be paying for such quality, but this is the climate. Steal this, put it in rotation and pay respect when the tour comes to your town.

Download The Tabloid here.