Approved Theft: The Rain Bonnets, autopaint EP

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A free EP by a super super-secret group from Easter Island?

My grandma had rain bonnets and scarves for days, rest her soul, so I totally understand the rain bonnets' purpose. I also bet the person who invented the rain bonnet is probably still living large with a personal island. And if you've ever served food, you know: the minute a rain bonnet walks into the restuarant, it's time to serve up some hot tea. The last thing on your mind is minimalist 70's punk from a group claiming Easter Island as a home base.

The Rain Bonnets sound like a time capsule released. Finding information on this super-secret project is like learning where those giant Easter Island stone heads orginated. Actually, I would not be surprised if this was recorded by stone statues. It's heavy, unforgiving punk that sounds like it was played by basalt hands.

The Rain Bonnets, “Boozy Bends To The Rules”

The Rain Bonnets, “Plan More Made Jokes”

Download it here