Ariel Pink + R. Stevie Moore, “Dutch Me”

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ariel pink and r stevie moore

Here's the two quintessential bedroom pop aristocrats of their respective generations goof-balling some soap operatic call and response over a gasping casio beat that plods through some pretty indulgent territory. With these two in the same room, it'd be a little strange for them to do anything less precious then this. And even if the pair did go for Grandiose or Epic, it'd still probably go straight for the ham: “Dutch me / touch me / bay-beeee!”

R. Stevie Moore + Ariel Pink, “Dutch Me”

The first-take track, co-written by Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore, will appear on R. Stevie Moore's upcoming album, apparently titled Klu Klux Glam. It was recorded by Jason Falkner (who added some 'flybird guitar'), in Los Angeles, late last week.