Arvo Zylo is not messing around

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The kaleidoscopic monster of a 30-minute track starts at a carnival. It's the first slab of Chicago noise guru Arvo Zylo's 333 LP, and it makes a Goblin/Dario Argento soundtrack by comparison a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese (though the opening bars of Zylo's apocalypse seem to drink from the same horror trough). Destruction soon reigns, and three minutes in we're witness to the shuddering death of all that is melodic and whole. I'm not gonna walk you too much farther through the righteous nightmare. That'd be rude to the Zylo, but let's just say the industrial trap opens and there's hints of quasi-baroque escapism (and training) to accompany the otherwise brutal hell-scape.

Enjoy the excerpt, check the release here.

Arvo Zylo, “Quicksand Eggs of a Beaten Pathos”