Screens want to make you shudder

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Here's a gaggle of names worth dropping for the seminal-minded folk to gain a footing on the machine behind Screens. First, Screens is comprised of drummer Andrew Becker of Medications, vocalist Breck Brunson of The Apes, keyboardist Daniel Roland Tierney of The Mall and guitarist Luke Kozikowski. The members are collected from multiple cities including San Francisco and D.C., but brought the weird wave magic together in New York City.

With a predilection for the three biggest Harrys (Partch, Nilsson and Pussy), Screens took to a reclusive spot in Delaware to record its debut Dead House with producer by L. Skell (the mastermind behind 2007's obscure-classic Eldridge Skell's The Rude Staircase – Sookie Jump, long before sookie was a dirty Jersey word) and Nick Krill of Spinto Band.

Our premiere, titled “Shudder,” creeps in like the moodier side of dance punk, then fragments into a battery of crashing symbols and heavy distortion. Screens find a healthy discomfort in fucking with your rhythm. Just when it feels like it's time to tune out and dance, the logic of pop fails with grace and Screens rip the up the blueprints.

Dead House is out May 17 on What Delicate Recordings.

Screens, “Shudder”

Screens, “Pop Logic”